Adding Assistants

Instructors may wish to add your faculty assistant access to your courses on Blackboard.  This will allow your faculty assistant to 1) control access to Panopto if you want to limit access to specific students for class recordings and webcasts, 2) monitor attendance for students participating remotely to ensure that students are attending/viewing in your required time frame, and  3) post documents to your blackboard course.

In order to provide your assistant with access to your Blackboard, please take the following steps (note: you only have to take these steps once for each course you are teaching each semester):

1) Log into Blackboard at (using 3rd party credentials & MyBama login)

2) Select your Course from “My Courses” (Listed by Year, Semester, Course, and Section Number)

3) Select “Users and Groups” from the menu that appears on the lefthand side of your screen

4) Click on “Find Users to Enroll” on the main screen

(Note: Be sure to click all the way to the “Browse” button and search there)

browse page

5) Enter your assistant‘s mybama ID under “UserName” and select “Teaching Assistant” for Role

Once you have taken the above steps, your faculty assistant can manage your Panopto recordings to control and monitor student access to those recordings.