Posting Zoom recordings in Panopto

If you record a zoom recording, at the end it will prompt for a file location for the video file or the cloud recording will be available in your zoom account page under recordings, these instructions will let you upload the file so it automatically appears in your students blackboard course. Your course(s) should be blackboard enabled, please email if not.

Login directly at (using 3rd party credentials & MyBama login)

Select Your Course From “My Courses” (Listed by Course and Section number)

First Time Panopto Course Setup (This step usually won’t be needed)

  • On the left-hand menu choose Course Videos
    Blackboard Menu
  • First-time setup will have a few prompts, this will only take a few seconds:
    • Click accept when prompted

Uploading A Recording

  • On the left-hand menu choose Course Videos
  • Choose Upload Media from the Create drop down menu and choose the file (on a PC it will be in the Zoom folder in Documents)Create Button in Panopto
  • Click the large area and choose the video file from where you saved it to your computer, once you see Upload Complete you are done. It will take a few minutes to process before it will be viewable by students.
  • Video Button in Panopto
  • The recording will automatically appear in enrolled students’ “Course Videos” section in the appropriate Blackboard Course

More Documentation is Available at CIT’s homepage: