Prerecording a Lecture in Panopto

These instructions will let you pre-record a lecture that will automatically appears in your students blackboard course, your course should already be blackboard enabled, please email if not.

Login directly at (using 3rd party credentials & MyBama login)

Select Your Course From “My Courses” (Listed by Course and Section number)

First Time Panopto Setup (One-time Per Course)

  • On the left-hand menu choose Course Videos
    Blackboard Menu
  • First-time setup will have a few prompts, this will only take a few seconds:
    • Click the Configure button, click Add Course to Panopto and click Return to Course

Creating a Recording

    • On the left-hand menu choose Course Videos
    • Choose Record a new session from the Create drop down menuCreate Button in Panopto
    • (First-Time Setup) Choose Download Panopto and click Next and Install
    • Choose Open Panopto (First time opening Panopto you will be given an optional
      tour of the recording screen)panopto recording screen
  • You should use the default folder that includes your Course and Section number, the default name will be the date & time of the recording.
  • Preview the Video source or choose None for an audio recording
  • Click the red circle record button and wait a few seconds for it to say “Recording”
  • Click the red box stop button when you are done and you will be taken to the “Recording Complete” page, here you can change the title or delete and re-record
    panotpo complete page
  • After clicking Done the recordings will automatically appear for your students in “Course Videos” of the appropriate Blackboard Course after a few minutes of processing
  • You will be taken to the Manage Recordings page, no action is required here, but you can always delete a recording or temporarily make it offline.
  • Other Notes
    • Settings: By default students will not be able to download, and be able to leave notes on the recording, for each course you can click the gear icon to change these settings:

      On the left hand side you can choose the settings for the course: