Faculty Publications

Recent Faculty Publications on SSRN (all faculty SSRN listings)

» Richard Delgado – The Law of the Noose: A History of Latino Lynching, Harvard Civil Rights – Civil Liberties Law Review (CR-CL), Vol. 44, 2009

» Richard Delgado and Jean Stefancic  – Hate Speech in Cyberspace, Wake Forest Law Review, Vol. 49, 2014

» Paul Horwitz – The Hobby Lobby Moment, Harvard Law Review, Forthcoming

» Julie Andersen Hill – When Bank Examiners Get It Wrong: Financial Institution Appeals of Material Supervisory Determinations, Washington University Law Review, Forthcoming

» Julie Andersen Hill – Banks, Marijuana, and Federalism, Case Western Reserve Law Review (Symposium Issue), Forthcoming

» Michael S. Pardo and Dennis Patterson – Morse, Mind, and Mental Causation, Criminal Law and Philosophy, Forthcoming

» Michael S. Pardo – Group Agency and Legal Proof; or, Why the Jury is an ‘It’, William & Mary Law Review, Vol. 56, 2015, Forthcoming

» Fredrick E. Vars – The Future of Preventive Detention, Louisiana Law Review, Vol. 75, 2014

» Pamela Bucy Pierson – The Business of Being a Lawyer, Forthcoming, West Academic Publishing, June 2014

» Paul Horwitz – ‘A Troublesome Right’: The ‘Law’ in Dworkin’s Treatment of Law and Religion, Boston University Law Review, Forthcoming

» Tanya Asim Cooper – Race is Evidence of Parenting in America: Another Civil Rights Story, Civil Rights in American Law, History, and Politics, at pp. 103-112 (Cambridge University Press, 2014) (Austin Sarat, ed.)

» Heather Elliott – Federalism Standing, Alabama Law Review, Vol. 65, 2013

» Ronald J. Krotoszynski Jr. – A Prolegomenon to Any Future Restatement of Privacy, Brooklyn Law Review, Vol. 79, No. 2, 2014

» William L. Andreen – Success and Backlash: The Remarkable (Continuing) Story of the Clean Water Act, George Washington Journal of Energy & Environmental Law, Vol. 4, pp. 25-37, Winter 2013

» Ronald J. Krotoszynski Jr. – Resignations, the (Quasi) Plural Executive, and a Critical Assessment of the Unitary Executive Theory, Speech and Silence in American Law, pp. 83-105 (Cambridge University Press 2010) (Austin Sarat, ed.)

» Carol Andrews – Ethical Limits on Civil Litigation Advocacy: A Historical Perspective, Case Western Reserve Law Review, Vol. 63, No. 2, 2012

» Daniel Joyner and Marco Roscini – Table of Contents: Non-Proliferation Law as a Special Regime – A Contribution to Fragmentation Theory in International Law, Non-Proliferation Law as a Special Regime, Daniel H. Joyner & Marco Roscini, eds., Cambridge University Press, 2012

» Paul Horwitz – Defending (Religious) Institutionalism, Virginia Law Review, Forthcoming

» Daniel Joyner – The Security Council as a Legal Hegemon, Georgetown Journal of International Law, Vol. 43, p. 225, 2012

» Daniel Joyner – Current Developments, Public International Law, Part I, International and Comparative Law Quarterly, Vol. 60, Page 209 (January, 2011)

» Daniel Joyner – Interpreting the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, Interpreting the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, Daniel H. Joyner (Oxford University Press 2011)

» Pamela H. Bucy – RICO Enterprises: The Mob and Fraud, Temple Law Review, Vol. 85, 2013 (Forthcoming)

» Tanya Asim Cooper – Sacrificing the Child to Convict the Defendant: Secondary Traumatization of Child Witnesses by Prosecutors, Their Inherent Conflict of Interest, and the Need for Child Witness Counsel, Cardozo Public Law, Policy and Ethics Journal, Vol. 9, Page 239, 2011

» Tanya Asim Cooper – Corbis & Copyright?: Is Bill Gates Trying to Corner the Market on Public Domain Art?, Intellectual Property Law Bulletin, Vol. 16, Page 1 (2011)

» William S. Brewbaker – Government for the Time Being, Matters of Faith, Austin Sarat, ed., Cambridge University Press, 2012

» William S. Brewbaker – The Bible as Law Book: Thomas Aquinas on the Juridical Uses of Scripture, Rutgers Journal of Law and Religion, Vol. 12, Page 76, 2010

» Ronald J. Krotoszynski Jr. – Transparency, Accountability, and Competency: An Essay on the Obama Administration, Google Government, and the Difficulties of Securing Effective Governance, University of Miami Law Review, Vol. 65, Page 449, 2011

» Ronald J. Krotoszynski Jr. – Cooperative Federalism, the New Formalism, and the Separation of Powers Revisited: Free Enterprise Fund and the Problem of Presidential Oversight of State-Government Officers Enforcing Federal Law, Duke Law Journal, Vol. 61, No. 8, 2012

» Ronald J. Krotoszynski Jr. – Questioning the Value of Dissent and Free Speech More Generally: American Skepticism of Government and the Protection of Low-Value Speech, Dissenting Voices in American Society: The Role of Lawyers, Judges, and Citizens (Cambridge University Press 2012) (Austin Sarat, ed.)

» Ronald J. Krotoszynski Jr. – The Separation of Legislative and Executive Powers, Handbook of Research on Comparative Constitutional Law (Elgar Publishing 2011) (Professors Thomas Ginsburg & Rosalind Dixon eds.)

» Fredrick E. Vars and Amanda E. Adcock – Do the Mentally Ill Have a Right to Bear Arms?, Wake Forest Law Review, Vol. 48, No. 1, 2012

» William L. Andreen – Of Fables and Federalism: A Re-Examination of the Historical Rationale for Federal Environmental Regulation, Environmental Law, Vol. 42, No. 3, 2012

» Michael S. Pardo – Rationality, Alabama Law Review, Forthcoming

» Fredrick E. Vars – Irregular Kelo Takings: A Potential Response to Natural Disasters, The Urban Lawyer, Vol. 44, Issue 4, Fall 2012

» Paul Horwitz – What Ails the Law Schools?, Michigan Law Review, Vol. 111, No. 6, 2013

» Paul Horwitz – The First Amendment’s Epistemological Problem, Washington Law Review, Vol. 87, 2012

» Michael S. Pardo – The Nature and Purpose of Evidence Theory, 66 Vanderbilt Law Review 547 (2013)

» Shahar Dillbary – Tort-Fest, University of Chicago Law Review, 2013

» Fredrick E. Vars – Delineating Sexual Dangerousness, Houston Law Review, Vol. 50, Forthcoming

» Meredith Render – Religious Practice and Sex Discrimination: An Uneasy Case for Toleration, MATTERS OF FAITH, Austin Sarat, ed., Cambridge University Press, 2012

» Meredith Render – The Law of the Body, 62 Emory Law Journal 549 (2013)

» Michael S. Pardo and Dennis Patterson – Neuroscience, Normativity, and Retributivism, THE FUTURE OF PUNISHMENT, Thomas Nadelhoffer, ed., Oxford University Press, Forthcoming

» Paul Horwitz – Our Boggling Constitution; or, Taking Text Really, Really Seriously, Constitutional Commentary, Vol. 26, p. 651, 2010

» Heather Elliott – Standing Lessons: What We Can Learn When Conservative Plaintiffs Lose Under Article III Standing Doctrine, Indiana Law Journal, Vol. 87, 2012

» Paul Horwitz – Act III of the Ministerial Exception, Northwestern University Law Review, Forthcoming

» Michael S. Pardo – Upsides of the American Trial’s ‘Anticonfluential’ Nature: Notes on Richard K. Sherwin, David Foster Wallace, and James O. Incandenza, IMAGINING LEGALITY: WHERE LAW MEETS POPULAR CULTURE, Austin Sarat, ed., 2011

» Meredith Render – Power, Paradigms, and Legal Prescriptions: ‘The Rule of Law’ as a Necessary but Not Sufficient Condition for Transitional Justice, TRANSITIONS, Austin Sarat, ed., 2011

» Michael S. Pardo & Dennis Patterson – Neuroscientific Challenges to Retributivism, THE FUTURE OF PUNISHMENT, Thomas Nadelhoffer, ed., Oxford University Press

» Montré Denise Carodine – Keeping it Real: Reforming the ‘Untried Conviction’ Impeachment Rule, Maryland Law Review, Vol. 69, p. 501, 2010

» Paul Horwitz – Introduction to The Agnostic Age: Law, Religion, and the Constitution, THE AGNOSTIC AGE: LAW, RELIGION, AND THE CONSTITUTION, Oxford University Press, January 2011

» Shahar Dillbary – Apportioning Liability Behind a Veil of Uncertainty, Hastings Law Journal, Vol. 62, p. 1729, 2011

» Heather Elliot – Congress’s Inability to Solve Standing Problems, Boston University Law Review, Vol. 90, No. 5, 2010

» Heather Elliot – Jurisdictional Resequencing and Restraint, New England Law Review, Vol. 43, p. 725, 2009

» Michael S. Pardo – The Gettier Problem and Legal Proof, Legal Theory, Vol. 16, 2010

» Grace Soyon Lee – What’s in a Name?: The Role of Danielson in the Taxation of Credit Card Securitizations, Baylor Law Review, Vol. 62, p. 110, 2010

» Michael S. Pardo – Pleadings, Proof, and Judgment: A Unified Theory of Civil Litigation, Boston College Law Review, Vol. 51, 2010

» Meredith Render – Gender Rules, Yale Journal of Law & Feminism, Forthcoming

» Michael S. Pardo – Evidence Theory and the NAS Report on Forensic Science, Utah Law Review, No. 2, 2010

» Paul Horwitz – Democracy as the Rule of Law, PROSECUTING THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION: WHAT DOES THE RULE OF LAW REQUIRE? Nasser Hussain & Austin Sarat, eds., Forthcoming

» William L. Andreen – Delegated Federalism Versus Devolution: Some Insights from the History of Water Pollution Control, PREEMPTION CHOICE: THE THEORY, LAW, AND REALITY OF FEDERALISM’S CORE QUESTION, William W. Buzbee, ed., Cambridge University Press, 2009

» Paul Horwitz – Judicial Character (and Does it Matter), Constitutional Commentary, Forthcoming

» Michael S. Pardo and Dennis Patterson – Minds, Brains, and Norms, Neuroethics, Forthcoming

» Montré Denise Carodine – ‘The Mis-Characterization of The Negro’: A Race Critique of the Prior Conviction Impeachment Rule, Indiana Law Journal, Vol. 84, No. 521, 2009

» Joseph A. Colquitt – Can Alabama Handle the Truth (in Sentencing)?, Alabama Law Review, Vol. 60, No. 425, 2009

» Michael S. Pardo – Second-Order Proof Rules, Florida Law Review, Vol. 61, 2009

» Paul Horwitz – Demographics and Distrust: The Eleventh Circuit on Graduation Prayer in Adler v. Duval County, University of Miami Law Review, 2009

» Shahar Dillbary – Predatory Bundling and the Exclusionary Standard, Washington and Lee Law Review, Vol. 67, No. 1231, 2010

» Shahar Dillbary – Emergencies, Body Parts and Price Gouging, Law, Politics and Society, Cambridge University Press, 2009

» Shahar Dillbary – Trademarks as a Media for False Advertising, Cardozo Law Review, Vol. 31, No. 327, 2009

» William S. Brewbaker – Law, Higher Law and Human Making, Pepperdine Law Review, 2009

» Kenneth M. Rosen – Who Killed Katie Couric? And Other Tales from the World of Executive Compensation Reform, Fordham Law Review, Vol. 76, p. 2907, 2008