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Volume 32

Table of Contents
Volume 32
Social Framework Analysis as Inadmissible “Character” Evidence
Allan G. King & Syeeda S. Amin
I Want to Apologize, but I Don’t Want Everyone to Know: A Public Apology As Pretrial Publicity Between a Criminal and Civil Case
Marc T. Boccaccini, John W. Clark. Siji John, & Cynthia A. Mundt
Our Existential Death Penalty: Judges, Jurors, and Terror Management
Jeffrey L. Kirchmeier
Intuitions About Arousal and Eyewitness Memory: Effects on Mock Jurors’ Judgments
Brian H. Bornstein, Douglas J. Zaickafoose, & Sid O’Bryant
Rape Shield Laws and Game Theory: The Psychological Effects on Complainants Who File False Rape Allegations
Josh Torres
The Geriatric Sex Offender: Senile or Pedophile?
Matt Hart
Rational Jury Assessment of Damages Through Neuroeconomics
Megan Faulkner
Differences in Legal and Medical Standards in Determining Sexually Violent Predator Status
Kasee Sparks