Prospective Members

Membership in the Alabama Law Review is one of the most prestigious and demanding honors at the University of Alabama School of Law. The Alabama Law Review is a nationally recognized journal of legal scholarship and publishes articles from leading scholars in a variety of fields in four issues each year. In addition to participating in the editing process of these works, members have the opportunity to prepare student notes for publication in the Alabama Law Review. A limited number of top student contributions are published each volume.

Each year, the Alabama Law Review extends approximately 30 offers of admission to rising second year law students. Although the exact criteria are subject to change each year, in recent years the top 5% of the first year class has received an automatic invitation to join the Alabama Law Review. The remaining slots have been filled based on first year grades and the results of a writing competition. The top 50% of the class based on first year grades have typically been eligible to participate in the writing competition. All new members of the Alabama Law Review, including those who receive automatic invitations, must successfully pass a Bluebook exam that tests students’ ability to master identifying and correcting citation errors.

Students interest in joining the Alabama Law Review should check their law school e-mails for information about an information session. Information sessions are typically held for the first year class during the spring semester.