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Volume 60


Carissa Byrne Hessick and F. Andrew Hessick, Appellate Review of Sentencing Decisions 

Robert C. Illig, The Promise of Hedge Fund Governance: How Incentive Compensation can Enhance Institutional Investor Monitoring 

 Herbert Hovenkamp, Innovation and the Domain of Competition Policy 

 Scott Dodson, Essay, The Challenge of Comparative Civil Procedure 

Lindsey C. Boney, IV, Note, Forum Shopping Through the Federal Rules of Evidence 


Charles A. Sullivan, The Phoenix from the Ash: Proving Discrimination by Comparators 

John Blevins, A Fragile Foundation — The Role of “Intermodal” and “Facilities-Based” Competition in Communications Policy 

John Fee, The Pornographic Secondary Effects Doctrine 

Christopher M. Pietruszkiewicz, Economic Substance and the Standard of Review 

 Daniel J. Hulsebosch, An Empire of Law: Chancellor Kent and the Revolution in Books in the Early Republic 

 Joseph A. Colquitt, Essay, Can Alabama Handle the Truth (in Sentencing)? 

 Christopher Diskill, Note,  A Dangerous Doctrine: The Case Against Using Concerted-Misconduct Estoppel to Compel Arbitration 

Adam K. Israel, Note, To Scrub or Not to Scrub: The Ethical Implications of Metadata and Electronic Data Creation, Exchange, and Discovery 

Elizabeth Murphy, Note, The Current State of Caveat Emptor in Alabama Real Estate Sales 

Timothy Dylan Reeves, Note, Tort Liability for Manufacturers of Violent Video Games: A Situational Discussion of the Causation Calamity 


Samuel P. Jordan, Irregular Panels 

Marc O. DeGirolami, Culpability in Creating the Choice of Evils 

Douglas G. Smith, A Federalism-Based Rationale for Limited Liability 

 Carol Rice Andrews, Essay, Thinking About Civil Discovery in Alabama: Using the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure as a Thinking Tool 

Brian L. Church, Note, Balancing Corrective Justice and Deterrence: Injury Requirements and the Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress 

 John P. Norman, Note, “Self-Preservation is the Supreme Law”: State Rights vs. Military Necessity in Alabama Civil War Conscription Cases 

M. Tae Phillips, Note, Un-Equal Protection: Preferential Admissions Treatment for Student Athletes 


Mark S. Scarberry, Historical Considerations and Congressional Representation for the District of Columbia: Constitutionality of the D.C. House Voting Rights Bill in Light of Section Two of the Fourteenth Amendment and the History of the Creation of the District 

 F. Andrew Hessick, III, The Common Law of Federal Question Jurisdiction 

 José E. Alvarez, Contemporary Foreign Investment Law: An “Empire of Law” or the “Law of Empire”? 

 Susan Randall, Essay, Only in Alabama: A Modest Tort Agenda 

Cameron W. Ellis, Note, Church Factionalism and Judicial Resolution: A Reconsideration of the Neutral-Principles Approach 

 Joel Everest, Note, Fibromyalgia and Workers’ Compensation: Controversy, Problems, and Injustice 

 David M. Powers, Note, The Political Intersection of School Choice, Race, and Values 


Miriam A. Cherry, Working For (Virtually) Minimum Wage: Applying the Fair Labor Standards Act In Cyberspace 

Bryan K. Fair, Intersectionality Theory, the Anticaste Principle, and the Future of Brown 

Alda Facio and Martha I. Morgan, Equity or Equality for Women? Understanding CEDAW’s Equality Principles 

Blanca Rodriguez-Ruiz and Ruth Rubio-Marin, Constitutional Justification of Parity Democracy 

Rodrigo Jiménez, Gender in the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities 

Michael S. Pardo, Introduction to the Meador Series 2007-2008: Empire 

Michele Goodwin, Empires of the Flesh: Tissue and Organ Taboos 

Edgar C. Gentle, III, Essay, Administration of the 2003 Tolbert PCB Settlement in Anniston, Alabama: An Attempted Collaborative and Holistic Remedy 

Timothy A. Heisterhagen, Note, Revisionism and Inconsistency in the Alabama Supreme Court: The Law Surrounding Recovery for Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress 

Scott L. Tindle, Note,  Could Modern Faith-Based Prison Programs Have Survived Constitutional Scrutiny During Reconstruction?