Volume 62


Peter B. Rutledge, Decisional Sequencing 

David C. Gray, Extraordinary Justice 

Bruce E. Boyden, Constitutional Safety Valve: The Privileges or Immunities Clause and Status Regimes in a Federalist System 

Hanoch Dagan, Between Rationality And Benevolence: The Happy Ambivalence of Law and Legal Theory 

Matthew T. Winberley, Note, D.C. In Action: An Early Look at Meaningful Use, The Government Practice of Medicine, and Tort Reform 


Hari M. Osofsky, Diagonal Federalism And Climate Change Implications For The Obama Administration 

Anna B. Laakmann, Collapsing The Distinction Between Experimentation And Treatment In The Regulation Of New Drugs 

Kami Chavis Simmons, Cooperative Federalism And Police Reform: Using Congressional Spending Power To Promote Police Accountability 

Jay A. Soled and Mithell Gans, Related Parties And The Need To Bridge The Gap Between The Income Tax And Transfer Tax Systems 

Simon Turner Bailey, Note, Doctor My Doctrine: Medical Malpractice And The Irrepressible Continuing Tort 

Mary Ann Lane, Note, “Interactive Services” And The Future Of Internet Radio Broadcasts 


David Partlett and Barbara McDonald, International Publications and Protection of Reputation: A Margin of Appreciation But Not Subservience? 

Deborah Tuerkheimer, Science-Dependent Prosecution and The Problem Of Epistemic Contingency: A Study Of Shaken Baby Syndrome 

Alice Ristroph, Criminal Law in the Shadow of Violence 

Robert P. MacKenzie III and C. Clayton Bromberg Jr., Essay, Jury Misconduct What Happens Behind Closed Doors 

Joshua Christensen, Beguiled By Giles: The Overlooked Duality of Forfeiture By Wrongdoing 

James Conrad Lester, Inculcation Into Indoctrination Predicting Justice Sotomayor’s Impact on Teachers’ Speech in the Public School Classroom