Certificate in Tax Program


The purpose of the Certificate Program in Tax is to provide Certified Public Accountants and IRS Enrolled Agents with in-depth and broad exposure to the tax law which, by its nature, is technical and ever changing. The certificate program teaches students how to systematically examine relevant codes sections and regulations, read and understand relevant case law, apply rules to specific facts using a problem-based approach, and stay abreast of current changes in the law.

Academic Requirements and Standards

The Certificate in Tax is earned with 12 credit hours of course work  in the graduate tax program. Students may matriculate at the start of any fall, spring or summer term and are permitted to choose any six of the sixteen courses offered.   As with most certificate programs, transfer credits are not permitted. While most certificate students will focus their studies in either the estate planning or business tax areas, students are free to select those courses most useful to their area of practice. Students must complete the certificate within 5 calendar years and must maintain a 3.0 cumulative grade point average (GPA) to remain in the program and earn the certificate. Students whose GPAs fall below a 3.0 will have one probationary semester to raise their GPA back to a 3.0. For the purpose of standing, GPAs are evaluated every 4 credit hours or semester.


Click here for the Application

Follow the instructions to complete the above PDF application and then pay the $50 application fee by clicking this link.

Candidates for the Certificate in Tax Law must be either 1) a certified public accountant or 2) an IRS enrolled agent who has sucessfully completed the Tax Law Institute U.S. Tax Court Practitioner’s Bar Preparation Program a/k/a “Non-attorney Exam Preparation Program” and “Pretrial Tax Litigation Support Specialist Program.”  The Graduate Tax Admissions Committee of the Law School will review all applications based on the likelihood of success in the program. Enrollment in the Certificate Program is  limited to space available.

Program Course of Study

 The Law School’s certificate program requires 12 hours of coursework or 6 courses. CPAs and IRS Enrolled agents can find the full schedule of tax courses available by clicking this link.  The certificate program can be completed within one year but students have five years to complete the program from their start date.  IRS Enrolled agents should click this link for the proposed two-year schedule for completing Alabama’s certificate progam and the TLI programs (The U.S. Tax Court Practitioner’s Bar Preparation Program and Pretrial Tax Litigation Support Specialist Program). Courses in bold are highly recommended but you are free to choose your 12 hours/6 courses from any listed on the proposed schedule or any from the full tax course schedule referenced above.

Tuition/Financial Aid

The rate for the Fall 2013 has not yet been approved but will be appoximately $1,125 per credit hour. Tuition for in-state and out-of-state students is the same rate. Federal Financial Aid is not available to certificate students.

You will find more information about the program including the schedule of courses and faculty biographies on the LL.M. in Tax  page.

For More Information:

Call 205-348-5932 or email llmprograms@law.ua.edu

Daniel Powell
Director, LL.M. in Taxation Program
The University of Alabama School of Law
101 Paul Bryant Drive E.
Box 870382 — zip 35487-0382
Tuscaloosa, AL 35401
e-mail: dpowell@law.ua.edu
Patty Lovelady Nelson
Associate Director
The University of Alabama School of Law
101 Paul Bryant Drive E.
Box 870382 — zip 35487-0382
Tuscaloosa, AL 35401
e-mail: llmprograms@law.ua.edu