STAR Employer Registration

The STAR program provides research assistance for solo practitioners, small law firms, and other legal employers from a pool of pre-approved, qualified, third-year law students. Interested employers may register for STAR by completing the form below.

Each school year, we get phone calls from employers - usually small firms - who are looking for a student to perform research on a single, discreet issue. They're not looking to hire someone on a long term basis, but they need some quick help. That's where S.T.A.R. (Short-Term Assistance in Research) comes in.

We will take your request, match you with a Three-L law student who has signed up for the program, and the work can get done. Here are the details of the program:
• All participating students have a minimum 3.0 GPA at Alabama Law.
• Employers will pay all students at the rate of $15/hour for the work performed.
• The Law School will not be involved in the payment of students; all financial transactions, and any tax implications, are the responsibility of the employer and the student.
• Under ABA rules, law students cannot work more than 20 hours in a week.
• All participating employers will be required to affirm that they abide by the Law School's non-discrimination policy.
• Because we believe in our students' legal skills, we are only listing specialties in two areas: intellectual property and taxation. All other research areas will go to the general pool.
• The STAR program is only available during the fall and spring semesters, not summer.

We hope that this helps you with your research needs. If you have any questions, please direct them to Lezlie Griffin at
The University of Alabama School of Law is committed to a policy of equal opportunity and of nondiscrimination based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, handicap or disability, or sexual orientation. It does not discriminate on these factors in administering its educational policies; admission policies; employment, promotion, and compensation policies; financial aid and scholarship programs; and other school-related activities. Only employers in agreement with this policy may use the services of the Law School. By using the Law School's services, employers assure the Law School that they observe this nondiscrimination policy. By state law, the military is allowed to interview at the Law School.
I affirm that this employer abides by The University of Alabama School of Law's Nondiscrimination Policy.
I understand that Alabama Law School is not supervising the work of these students, not providing any direct oversight of their research or writing, and not responsible for the conclusions drawn. I acknowledge that I am contracting directly with a student and not with the Law School, and I waive any liability or responsibility of the Law School for the referral.