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Please find attached the first day Assignment and Syllabus for Admin Law.  Students are also required to sign up for Professor Andreen's Admin Law TWEN page as well.

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Attached is the Syllabus for Professor Marsh's Contracts class.  The Contracts reading assignments for the first two weeks - all in the casebook:

T 1-22
W 23-46
F 47-71

T 71-88
W 88-107
F 107 - 126

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Please see attached the Initial Reading Assignments for the First Amendment Law Survey and the Spring 2021 syllabus.

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Here's the "first reading assignment" text below:

Welcome to Legislation and Regulation. This 2-credit course meets on Wednesdays and Fridays from 1-1:50 p.m. in Room 188. This course provides an introduction to the legislative and regulatory process, the interpretation of statutes and regulations, and some basic approaches to public policy and regulatory analysis.

The casebook is Lisa Schultz Bressman, Edward L. Rubin, and Kevin M. Stack, The Regulatory State, Third Edition (Wolters Kluwer 2020). I will also assign and distribute occasional supplemental reading. 

A syllabus is attached, subject to final or further revisions. For the first class, please read the attached handout, an edited version of Bostock v. Clayton County, including the notes. For the second class, please read pages 1-45 of the casebook. This material is for discussion purposes; while you should read it carefully, you can read it more quickly and in a more summary fashion than you might read cases for a standard class. There is a good deal of reading in this class, but it will not always be as heavy as this. 

Three other notes: 1) Please sign up for the TWEN page for this class. Most of my classwide communications with you will be via TWEN. 2) Although participation is welcome from all students at all times, I will not place all of the class on call all of the time. Instead, I will be inviting a randomly selected list of about 15 students each week to take an active role in participation. For those weeks, obviously, you should be particularly prepared and active in class discussion and may be called on. You will get an email with your invitation the week before. In the event of a genuine inability to participate, please email me and my assistant, Alicia Randolph, as soon as possible so we can assign a substitute participant. 3) All classroom rules regarding safety, including wearing masks, keeping them on, and not eating or drinking, remain in effect. I regret that for personal medical reasons, I'm obliged to be especially cautious in my personal dealings, so I won't be mingling much in the classroom. But I will make sure everyone has every opportunity to chat with me, whether with questions about the class or anything else.   

I'm looking forward to seeing all of you. Don't hesitate to let me know if you have any questions.      

Paul Horwitz