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Because of rules governing actual or potential conflicts of interest, a student's outside legal employment or other law-related activities could disqualify the student for some judicial placements. Please see Assistant Dean Glory McLaughlin.

Preferences for Office Location. Please see attached list for tentative placements. Indicate in the appropriate spaces below (1) whether you would accept a placement in Birmingham, Montgomery and/or Tuscaloosa; and (2) the judges and/or public interest organizations with whom you would prefer to be placed. Students may apply for both judicial and public interest placements by choosing from the drop down menu below.

If you have questions about whether to apply given this restriction, please speak with Assistant Dean Glory McLaughlin.

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You will also need to register for the course. Then, sign up for an interview with Assistant Dean Glory McLaughlin or Mr. Randy Quarles (co-director). After interviews, they will make the contacts to confirm a place for you in the spring. You are not committed until after the interview when they will seek placements for you.”

Please upload your resume in a common format (Word, PDF, etc.).