Fall 2019 Textbooks

LAW 602 section 1, Torts - Dillbary
Franklin, Tort Law and Alternatives: Cases and Materials (ISBN: 9781634593007) 10th ed. 2016 Required

LAW 602 section 2, Torts - McMichael
Franklin, Tort Law and Alternatives: Cases and Materials (ISBN: 9781634593007) 10th ed. 2016 Required

LAW 603 section 1, Criminal Law - Carroll
Dressler, Cases and Materials on Criminal Law (ISBN: 9781628102055) 7th ed. 2015 Required

LAW 608 section 1, Civil Procedure - M. Boone
Glannon, Civil Procedure: A coursebook (3rd ed. 2017 Wolters) Required 2019 Federal Civil Rules Booklet by legalpub.com (Recommended)

LAW 608 section 2, Civil Procedure - Steinman
Glannon, Examples and Explanations for Civil Procedure (8th ed. 2018, Wolters) Optional Friedenthal, Civil Procedure: Cases and Materials, Compact edition for Shorter Courses (West, 12th 2018) Required Friedenthal, 2019-2020 Civil Procedure Supplement Required

LAW 627 section 1, Advanced Legal Research - Duncan
Armstrong, Where The Law Is: An Introduction to Advanced Legal Research (West, 5th ed. 2017) Required

LAW 640 section 0, Alabama Civil Practice and Procedure - Alexander
Alabama Rules of Court - State 2019 edition - Required by Thomson Reuters

LAW 641 section 0, Tax Procedure - Staggs
IRS Practice and Procedure Study Problems (ISBN#9780791355350) Required IRS Practice and Procedure by Saltzman - Required

LAW 642 section 1, Evidence - Emens
Friedland, Evidence Law and Practice (CAP 2019th) Required

LAW 643 section 0, Personal Income Tax - Eyal-Cohen
Caron, Tax Stories (West, 2nd ed. 2009) Recommended Newman, Federal Income Taxation: Cases, Problems, and materials (West, 6th ed. 2016) Required Chirelstein, Federal Income Taxation (West, 14th ed. 2018) Recommended

LAW 644 section 0, Decedents' Estates - Vars
Dukeminier, Wills, Trusts, and Estates (Wolters, 10th ed. 2017) Required

LAW 645 section 0, Business Organizations - Hamill
O'Kelley, Corporations and Other Business Associations (Wolters, 7th ed. 2014) Required

LAW 653 section 1, Advanced Civil Procedure - Andrews
Advanced Civil Procedure Fall 2019 Coursepack - Required

LAW 660 section 1, Legal Profession - Ray
Lerman, Ethical Problems in the Practice of Law (4th ed. 2016 Wolters) Required Ethical Problems in the Practice of Law: Model Rules, State Variations and Practice Questions, 2017-2018 edition. (2016, Wolters) Required

LAW 665 section 0, Domestic Violence - Cross
The Clinic Seminar: The Student Edition By Aiken, Jane, Epstein, Deborah (Required)

LAW 665 section 0, Enterpreneurship Clinic - Faucon
Alvarez, Alvarez and Tremblay's Introduction to Transactional Lawyering Practice (2013, West) Required

LAW 665 section 5, Civil Law - Linetsky
The Legal Writer,By Painter, Mark P. ISBN-13: 9780981726939 (Required)

LAW 665 section 6, Civil Law - Linetsky
no textbook required

LAW 665 section 9, Med - Donovan
no textbook required

LAW 665 section 10, Children's Rights - Ryan
no textbook required

LAW 667 section 1, Conflict of Laws - Andrews
Coursepack - Fall 2019 - Required

LAW 671 section 0, International Business Transaction - Rosen
Brand, Fundamentals of International Business Transaction (Kluwer, 2000) Required

LAW 673 section 0, Pretrial Advocacy: Criminal - Sogol
All students must have access to the Alabama Rules of Criminal Procedure and the Alabama Rules of Evidence. Not necessary to purchase a book if they have access.

LAW 684 section 1, Antitrust - Dillbary
no textbook required

LAW 690 section 0, Water Law - Elliott
Reisner, Cadillac Desert Rev & UPDTD (Penguin, 1993) Required Coursepack - Required

LAW 692 section 0, Products Liability - Ksobiech, T.
Owen, Products Liability and Safety (West, 7th ed.) Required

LAW 694 section 0, Land Use Planning - Elliott
Callies, Callies, Freilich and Robert's Cases and Materials on Land Use, 6th ed. West 2012 - Required

LAW 700 section 0, Appelate Advocacy - King/Brooks
no textbook required

LAW 701 section 0, Equity - Davis
Kovacic-Fleischer, Equitable Remedies, Resitution and Damages, Cases and Materials (West, 8th ed. 2010) Required

LAW 702 section 0, Environmental Law I - Andreen
Percival, Environmental Regulation: Law, Science, and Policy (Wolters, 8th ed. 2018) Required Selected Environmental Law Statutes: 2018-2019 Educational edition - Required

LAW 706 section 0, White Collar Practice - Barger
no textbook required

LAW 710 section 0, Public International Law - Joyner
Ratner, International Law: Norms Actors Process: Problem Approach (Wolters, 4th ed. 2015) Required

LAW 721 section 0, Employment Discrimination - Steele
Ontiveros, Employment Discrimination Law, Cases and Materials on Equality in the Workplace (West 9th ed. 2016) Required

LAW 723 section 0, Law & Economics - Dillbary
no textbook required

LAW 726 section 1, Civil Rights Legislation - Render
Jeffries, Civil Rights Actions: Enforcing the Constitution (West, 4th ed. 2018) Required

LAW 728 section 1, Trial Advocacy Competition - Emens/ Prince
Mauet, Trial Techniques (Wolters, 9th ed. 2013) Required

LAW 731 section 0, Special Topics in Law: Entrepreneurship - Hobbs
Bornstein, How to change the world UPDTD (2nd ed. Oxford University 2007) Required Miller, Entrepreneurial Practice: Enterprise skills for lawyers serving emerging client (2012 Vandeplas) Required Dyer, The Innovator's DNA: Mastering the Five Skills of Disruptive Innovators (Harvard, 2011) Required

LAW 731 section 0, Special Topics in Law: Equal Protection - Fair
no textbook required

LAW 731 section 1, Special Topics in Law: Statutory Interpretation - Pryor
Scalia, Reading Law: The Interpretation of Legal Texts (West 2012) Required

LAW 731 section 2, Special Topics in Law: Law & Public Policy - Horwitz
Lambert, How to Regulate: A Guide for Policy Makers (Cambridge University Press, 2017) Required

LAW 731 section 25, Special Topics in Law: Immunity Doctrine - Murphy
no textbook required

LAW 731 section 28, Special Topics in Law: Critical Perspectives on Race and Civil Rights - Delgado/ Stefancic
Stefancic, Critical Race Theory (3rd ed. 2013) Required Delgado, Critical Race Theory 3rd ed. An Introduction - Required

LAW 735 section 1, Criminal Procedure: Pre-Trial - Acevedo
Chemerinsky, Criminal Procedure (Wolters, 3rd ed. 2017) Required

LAW 741 section 0, Federal Government Contracts - Fogle
Tiefer, Government Contract Law in the Twenty-First Century (CAP, 2012) Required

LAW 747 section 0, Will Drafting - Lopez
Gazur, Estate Planning: Principles and Problems $E with CD (Wolters, 4th ed. 2015) Required

LAW 763 section 0, International Environmental Law - Andreen
Preserving the Global Environment: The Challenge of Shared Leadership, ISBN#9780393960938 - Required The Global Environment: Institutions, Law, and Policy, ISBN#9781452241456 - Required Red Sky at Morning by Speth, ISBN# 9780300107760 - Required Our Common Future by World Comm., ISBN# 9780192820808 - Required Changing Climate Politics: U.S. Policies and Civic Action, ISBN#9781452239972 - Required Hunter, International Environmental Law and Policy Treaty Supplement 2016 - Required

LAW 772 section 0, American Legal History - Lopez
Hall, American Legal History (Oxford, 4th 2010) Required

LAW 783 section 0, Labor Arbitration - Williams
Cooper, ADR in the Workplace (West, 3rd ed. 2014) Required

LAW 788 section 0, Intellectual Property Transactions - Denniston
Gomulkiewicz, Licensing Intellectual Property: Law and Application (Wolters, 4th ed. 2018) Required

LAW 790 section 0, Criminal Procedure: Trial - Carroll
Lee, Criminal Procedure, Cases and Materials (West, 2nd ed. 2017) Required

LAW 795 section 0, Externship Program - McLaughlin/Quarles
no textbook required

LAW 801 section 0, Personal Income Taxation - Eyal-Cohen
Caron, Tax Stories (West, 2nd ed. 2009) Recommended Newman, Federal Income Taxation: Cases, Problems, and materials (West, 6th ed. 2016) Required Chirelstein, Federal Income Taxation (West, 14th ed. 2018) Recommended

LAW 816 section 0, Transactional Drafting - Stiles
Kuney, The Elements of Contract Drafting, 4th ed. 2014 - Required

LAW 818 section 0, Advanced Contracts - Arbel
no textbook required

LAW 821 section 0, Public Interest Lawyering - McLaughlin
no textbook required

LAW 823 section 0, English Legal History - Pruitt
Hogue, Origins of the Common Law (Liberty Fund, 2010) Optional Howard, Magna Carta: Text and Commentary (University of Virginia, 1965) Required The Anglo-Saxon World an Anthology ISBN#9780199538713 - Required Preston, King Alfred's book of Laws - ISBN#9780786465880 - Required

LAW 827 section 0, Jury Selection - Emens
Frederick, Mastering Voir Dire and Jury Selection (ABA 4th ed. 2018) Required

LAW 834 section 0, Mental Health Seminar - Vars
course pack - required

LAW 835 section 0, Patent Law - Durham
Goldstein, Patent, Copyright, Trademark and Unfair Competition (West 2019th ed.) Required Coursepack - required

The book edition may be listed following the title along with the binding and copyright date in the following format: binding/copyright/edition. For example: HB/05/9 is a hardback book published in 2005 in its 9th edition.

Book editions may be changed or updated because of new editions or availability at the University Supply Store.