Exam Guidelines for Students

All exams will be floating through the entire exam period, April 22 – May 6.

You will receive your exam via e-mail on or before April 22.

The amount of time you are allowed to work on your exam will be prescribed by your professor.
Your professor may also prescribe limits on when you may be allowed to receive your exam.
The types of materials that may be used during the exam (i.e., whether the exam will be openbook or closed-book) may be limited by your professor.

Students are reminded that the Honor Code remains in effect. Although you will not be asked
to complete a separate “Pledge” form for each exam this semester, remember that your
enrollment as a student confirms your duty to refrain from academic misconduct. Honor Code

Because of technological constraints, you should not use Examplify. Please write your exam in
Microsoft Word. If you do not currently have a copy of Microsoft Word, you may download
one for free; additional information can be found here: https://oit.ua.edu/software/microsoftoffice-365/

Instructions for submitting your exam will be provided before April 22.

Taking Exams in Word

  • Be sure to save your exam with a easily readable name when you begin.
  • Make sure AutoRecover is enabled and lower the value in Preferences (Apple) or Options (Windows) under the Save section.
  • If you are using the UA Office 365 version and you enable the Autosave checkbox at the top of the application, be aware this saves the file to Microsft OneDrive, you should familiarize yourself with OneDrive and how to move files from there before you start your exam.
  • If you use Google Docs or another non-Word application, be aware that if the exam has strict formatting requirements, there may be differences from how it appears in Google Docs when viewed or printed by the professor (like running up to the very end of a page creating a new page, total number of lines, etc) and be sure to save the file as a docx word file.