Health & Safety

Q: How often do I have to complete a UA HealthCheck Assessment?

You are required to complete the UA HealthCheck assessment and receive a green passport every day that you are on campus.  By entering the Law School, you are affirming that you have completed the UA HealthCheck and received a green passport.  Entering the Law School building without a green passport, evading attempts to confirm your HealthCheck status, or providing false information about your HealthCheck status will be severely sanctioned.


Q: I have tested positive for coronavirus.  What should I do?

If you test positive for COVID-19, you must self-isolate and contact the Student Health Center ((205) 348-3854/ (205) 348-0386) or your healthcare provider immediately for medical guidance. 

We will work with you to ensure that you can attend class remotely until you have been cleared to return to the classroom.  Please contact Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Grace Lee (glee@law.ua.edu) and your professor as soon as you become aware of the need to self-isolate so that we can make arrangements for you to attend your classes remotely.  You will be free to return to the classroom once it has been determined that self-isolation is no longer necessary.You must receive clearance from Dr. Steven Hood (steven.hood@ua.edu) at the Division of Student Life before returning to campus.


Q: I am not feeling well, or someone I have been in contact with has tested positive for coronavius.  Can I attend class remotely until I am sure that it is safe for me to be in the classroom?

We strongly encourage you to self-isolate if you do not feel well or suspect that you may have been exposed to the coronavirus (e.g., if you someone you have been in extended contact with tests positive for coronavirus).  If you choose to voluntarily self-isolate in order to protect the health of others, we will work with you to ensure that you can attend class remotely.  Please contact Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Grace Lee (glee@law.ua.edu) and your professor as soon as you become aware of the need to self-isolate so that we can make arrangements for you to attend your classes remotely.  You will be free to return to the classroom after you have determined that self-isolation is no longer necessary.



Face Coverings

Q: When do I have to wear a mask?

You are required to wear a mask or other appropriate face covering over your mouth and nose in all classrooms and common areas in the Law School.  Failure to wear a mask is a violation of the UA Student Code of Conduct.  Willful and/ or repeated violations of the mask requirement will be reported to the UA Office of Student Affairs and may result in additional sanctions by the Law School.  A description of proper face coverings can be found in the UA Return Plan: https://pubs.ua.edu/uahealthinfo/return_plan/MobilePagedReplica.action?pm=2&folio=14#pg14


Q: Do I have to wear a mask while eating and drinking?

No.  While you are not required to wear a mask while eating and drinking, you are not allowed to eat or drink in classrooms.  Eating and drinking are allowed in common areas, although you should continue to maintain proper social distance.


Q: What happens if my mask breaks or if I cannot wear a face mask?

There are no exceptions to the mask requirement.  You will be required to leave the Law School if you are not wearing a face covering, so we encourage you to bring a spare.  If you feel that you cannot wear a face covering, you should contact Grace Lee, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, at glee@law.ua.edu  to receive permission to attend your classes remotely.


Social Distancing

Q: Why do I have assigned seats this semester?

In order to maintain social distancing and reduce congestion, we have assigned seats to students in classes with more than 20 students (See list below).  Seating charts can be accessed through UA Box: https://alabama.box.com/s/5t8du9zagqir4ktvpf9ftdrhc8kwxjuk (UA login required).  If you are attending a class in person and have been assigned a seat, you must sit in your assigned seat.  If you have not been assigned a seat for a class you will be attending in person, please contact kfuell@law.ua.edu or cbarge@law.ua.edu so that you can receive a seat assignment.

Classrooms with Assigned Seats:

Advanced Legal Research: Room 175

Alternative Dispute Resolution: Room 187

Bankruptcy: Room 140

Business Organizations: Room 187

Choice of Law (Note: Students in this class will be assigned one seat in Room 172 and one seat

in Room 175- please report to Room 172 first)

Civil Procedure Section 1 (Elliott): Room 187

Civil Procedure Section 2 (Steinman): Room 188

Criminal Law Section 1(Gold): Room 187

Criminal Law Section 2 (Vance): Room 188

Criminal Procedure (Note: Students will be assigned to either Room 140 or Room 273)

Decedents’ Estates (Note: Students will be assigned to either Room 140 or Room 175)

Environmental Law: Room 273

Evidence: Room 188

Federal Jurisdiction: Room 172

Health Care Law: Room 172

Immigration Law: Room 175

International Business Transactions: Room 175

Juvenile Justice: Room 140

Law Office Practice: Room 175

Legal Profession: Room 188

Public Interest Lawyering: Room 273

Public International Law: Room 175

Secured Transactions: Room 140

Torts Section 1 (Dillbary): Room 187

Torts Section 2 (McMichael): Room 188


Q: Will we have lockers and student mailboxes this year?

No.  Because of the need for social distancing, students will not be allowed to use lockers and student mailboxes this semester.  We apologize for the inconvenience, but we have determined that this is necessary to protect student health.


Q: Will the Law School Café be open?

The Law School Café will be open, although their service will be limited to grab-and-go items.


Q: Can we use the refrigerators and microwaves in the student area?

No.  Unfortunately, the refrigerators and microwaves in the student area will be unavailable until further notice.  We apologize for the inconvenience.


Q: Where can I get water?

While water fountains have been closed, water bottle filling stations remain open and are available at various locations in the Law School.


Q: Can I still study with my friends in common areas?

Students are allowed to work together in common areas of the Law School.  Students are required to wear masks unless eating or drinking and are strongly encouraged to maintain a distance of at least 6 feet at all times.



Q: Has Fall Break been canceled?  What does that mean for my classes?

Yes, Fall Break has been canceled.  Classes will be held on Thursday, October 29 and Friday, October 30.  Classes will take place as regularly scheduled on Thursday, October 29.  Friday, October 30 will be treated as a Monday, which means that your Monday classes will meet on that day at their regularly scheduled times. 


Q: What is the last day of classes?

The last day for in-person classes is Friday, November 20.  Please be aware that classes may still meet remotely on Monday, November 23, Tuesday, November 24, and Monday, November 30.

Please contact your professor if you have questions about the days and times on which your class will meet.


Q: Will exams be online?  How will you ensure that exams are secure?

We will be conducting exams remotely.  We are exploring and testing software-based remote proctoring options to ensure exam integrity.


Attending Classes Remotely

Q: I am interested in attending class remotely.  How do I do this?

If you are interested in attending class remotely, please contact Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Grace Lee (glee@law.ua.edu).  You will still be required to attend all courses in real time, even if you choose to attend remotely.


Remote Courses

Q: Some of my classes were included on the list of “Remote Courses” that was sent on July 31.  What does that mean?

In Remote Courses, the professor will not be in the classroom.  Instead, instruction will be given using Zoom or a similar method.  Instructions on how to connect to your course will be sent to you by your professor prior to your first class.


Q: Do I have to attend Remote Courses at home?

No.  You may attend a Remote Course either from home or from its assigned classroom inside the law school. Most Remote Courses will be broadcast on a screen in their assigned classroom for convenience, although students are required to bring their own computers so that they can actively participate in the class.  Students are strongly encouraged to also bring headphones with microphones to avoid audio issues.  If you have been given an assigned seat, you must use that seat when attending from the classroom.


Q: If my course is on the list of Remote Courses, do I still have to attend it in real time?

Yes.  You must attend all classes, including remote classes, at their scheduled times.  You will be marked absent for any classes you do not take in real time.


In-Person Courses

Q: If my course is not on the list of “Remote Courses,” does that mean that it will be taught 100% in person?

If a course is not on the list of “Remote Courses,” a substantial portion of the course will be taught in person.  Some faculty may, for pedagogical reasons, incorporate some remote elements into courses that are being taught in person.  Questions about the specific format of a course should be directed to the individual professor teaching the course.


Q: My course is listed as “hybrid” on myBama.  What does that mean?

All Law School courses are labeled “hybrid” in myBama, in part because to ensure that classroom space remains available, even when instruction is being offered remotely.


Q: If a course is listed as “hybrid,” does that mean I will have to attend some class sessions at home?

No.  We have sufficient classroom space to accommodate all registered students for our classes.  You will be able to attend all class sessions in the classroom.


Q: If a course is being taught in person, can I still take it remotely?

Yes.  If you are interested in taking an in-person course remotely, you should e-mail Grace Lee, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, at glee@law.ua.edu.  Some courses may have components that must be completed in person.  Students must attend all classes in real time, even when taking classes remotely.


Other Questions

Q: Will recordings of my classes be made available after class?

Generally, recordings of class sessions will not be available to students without permission from either their professor or the Office of Academic Affairs. Some professors may allow students general access to recordings, but students must follow any guidelines set by their professor regarding access to and use of recordings.  Accessing recordings without permission, making your own recording without permission, or using a recording for any purpose other than its authorized use is a violation of the Student Code of Conduct and will be reported to the Office of Student Affairs.  Unauthorized use of recordings may also be a violation of the Law School Honor Code and subject to additional sanctions.

Please note that faculty may record any class for use by students who are enrolled in the course.  By participating in a recorded class, you are agreeing to have your voice and image recorded.  If you have any concerns about being recorded, please let me know.


Q: I have poor internet access.  How do I access a wifi hotspot?

The University of Alabama Office of Information Technology is now offering Verizon wireless internet hotspots to UA students, faculty and staff in compelling need of a reliable internet connection. The cost of hotspots will be covered by the CARES act through the fall semester.  To make a request for a hotspot, students can contact the Dean of Students office (https://dos.sa.ua.edu/)


Q: The course I want to take does not have any available seats.  Can I still sign up?

Some classes may have limited seats available, even if they are currently listed as full.  Please contact either Caroline Barge (cbarge@law.ua.edu) or Karla Fuell (kfuell@law.ua.edu) if you are interested in enrolling in a class that is listed as full.


Q: Is counseling still available at the Law School?

Yes.  Our in-house counselor, Mona Ochoa-Horshok, will be holding office hours in Room A241 on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12 to 2pm.  Ms. Ochoa-Horshok is also available via Zoom for students who would prefer to meet virtually.  Appointments are encouraged.  You can make an appointment by phone at 205-393-9029 or by e-mail at mochoahorshok@gmail.com.

Counseling is also provided through the University Counseling Center which is across the street from the western end of the Law Center. The telephone number to make an appointment is 205-348-3863.


Q: Where can I find more information about University policies regarding COVID-19?

The most recent information about University policies regarding COVID-19 can be found on the University website at https://healthinfo.ua.edu/  Information specifically for students can be found at https://healthinfo.ua.edu/student-faqs/  Please check these sites regularly.