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Checking Law School Email


You can check your law school email via the web at, this is also the address of the server you will enter into a smartphone. Our server space is limited, so law school email accounts are limited to 100 MB, and attachment sizes are limited to 10 MB.

Connecting to Gmail

You can check your law school email through Google’s Gmail and many other web based email services using POP3. Below are instructions for Gmail, instructions for other services will be similar.

For Receiving Mail through POP:

  • Click Settings via the  at the top of the settings page, then choose “Accounts and Import”
  • Under “Check mail using POP3” Click “Add POP3 email account” button (on UA’s crimson system, this is called “Add accounts you own”)
  • Enter full email address then “next”
  • Enter Username: (firstname.lastname only, without and password (remember to change this if you update your law school password)
  • POP Server:, use Port 995
  • Check “Always use a secure connection (SSL) when retrieving mail.
  • Note: Check your junk mail folder regularly after setting this up and mark messages as “not junk” to train the filter.
  • Note: If you check “Leave a copy of retrieved message on the server”, be sure to delete messages manually from to make sure your law school email account does not fill up, we have limited space. You may also want to check “Label Incoming Messages” at this point.

Sending email as your law school account in Gmail

Under Accounts and Import in gmail’s settings

Send through

  • SMTP Server (your law school username and password)
  • Port 587
  • Secured connection using TLS