Law School Email

The Law School maintains its own email system, using Microsoft’s Exchange and providing web-based access. Email is a vital in communication with the law school faculty and staff, if you have problems using the email system, you should contact the Technology Department by emailing or by visiting us in room 132.

Use of the Law School email server, including use of email addresses and distribution lists, is limited to messages pertaining to the official business of the Law School and matters related to the Law School community.

Through the years, there have been several incidents where students sent messages across the Law School community and later regretted using such wide distribution. Please consider carefully when sending a message to large groups of students, Faculty, and/or staff. As you enter law firms, you also will want to be especially thoughtful in distributing messages across a law firm, company, or government agency.

Viruses and Attachments
Your law school email account should not be used as file storage. Attachments should be saved onto flash drives or your computer and deleted. Virus infected attachments may be deleted without notice.

Checking Law School Email

iPhone Email Instructions