Exam Reminders – First Year Students


  • All first year exams must be taken at the scheduled time and date except under extraordinary circumstances.
    • Please consult the Handbook for what constitutes an extraordinary circumstance.
    • Any exam taken at a time other than the scheduled time due to extraordinary circumstances will be graded Pass/D/Fail.
  • If you arrive late, you will not be given additional time.
  • Barring prior approval due to extraordinary circumstances, if you fail to pick up your exam you will be given an “F.” Should an extraordinary circumstance arise, please contact the Registrar’s Office as soon as you are reasonably able to do so.


  • For all scheduled exams, you will be assigned a room number. Note that your assigned room may differ from that of your classmates; please report to the room you have been assigned.
  • If you wish to take the exam in the computer lab, you must make arrangements beforehand through the Registrar’s Office.
  • Unless explicitly allowed by your professor or otherwise instructed by the Registrar’s Office, you must complete the exam in the room to which you are assigned.
  • If your professor allows you to take the exam outside the assigned room, you may take the exam in any part of the Law School that is freely open to students generally, with the following exceptions:
    • Area outside the Dean’s Office
    • Area outside the window of the Registrar’s Office
    • Area outside Room 187 and 188


Institution Id= “alabamalaw”
User ID= Your CWID
Password= Password that you received via your crimson.ua.edu e-mail
Exam Number= Your Anonymous Number
Exam Password= Password given to you by the Proctor immediately before the exam begins

If you experience a problem with Examplify:    

  1. Perform a hard reset on your computer.   Press and hold the power button until the computer shuts down and then press again to turn on.  Examplify will resume after the reboot; you should then select “return to the exam”
  2. If Examplify continues to malfunction, report to the Registrar’s Office for further instruction.  Please do not switch to an alternate method for writing your exam without first reporting to the Registrar’s Office.  The Registrar’s Office will be open until the regularly scheduled end time for all scheduled exams.  If you experience an issue with Examplify outside of these hours, please call Associate Dean Grace Lee at 312-371-4096.
  3. If you experienced issues with Examplify during your exam, please let the Registrar’s Office know when you submit your exam.  You should let the Registrar’s Office know of any problems you experienced even if you were able to resolve them on your own by resetting your computer.

Anonymity (For Non-Examplify Exams): You should use your Anonymous Number on any non-Examplify materials that you submit (e.g., any pledge sheets, Scantron forms, Bluebooks).  Do not write your name on these materials.

Questions During the Exam

  • All questions and issues regarding the content of the exam should be directed to the Registrar’s Office, which will then contact the professor. The professor’s response will be put on the board in the classroom only.
  • Please do not contact the professor regarding any issue about the exam before grades have been posted for the class.
  • Once you submit your exam, you are not allowed to return to it.

Courtesy Reminders

  • Once you have completed your exam, please leave the area quietly and do not linger outside the classrooms, as there will be others completing their exams.
  • There will be exams in the classrooms on the first floor in the mornings. Please do not mingle in this area, as the noise is very disruptive to those who are taking exams.
  • While you are welcome to study in classrooms when they are not being used for exams, you must leave rooms in their original condition, e.g., clean up any trash and erase all writing from whiteboards.
  • Unless otherwise specified in exam instructions, headphones of any type are prohibited, although earplugs may be used to block out noise.
  • You must stop typing when instructed to do so. Failure to comply with the proctor’s instructions to stop typing may result in sanctions.

Honor Code: Please remember that every aspect of the examination process is subject to the provisions of the Honor Code of the Law School.

Grades: The Registrar’s Office will work with faculty to release grades in a timely fashion.  Please keep in mind that no grades will be released prior to January 7th.

Additional information: Please see the Student Handbook and http://www.law.ua.edu/academics/curriculum/examinations/ for additional information on exams.