Registration FAQ

Q: How do I register for classes?

A: Registration should be conducted through myBama.  You will use the same procedure you used to register for your first year classes (the primary difference being that you will have the freedom to choose your classes).

Q: How many credits do I need to take in order to graduate?

A: 90 credits.

Q: What courses do I need to take in order to graduate?

A: The requirements for graduation are as follows:

  • Legal Profession: This is the only required class and is offered every semester.
  • Seminar: You must take a seminar.
  • Experiential Credits: You must complete 6 experiential credits. Experiential credits can be earned in the following ways:
    • Externships for Credit: Please contact Externship Director Glory McLaughlin,, if you are interested in taking an externship for credit.
    • Pretrial Advocacy/ Trial Advocacy/ Trial Advocacy Competition Team: See below for additional information on these courses.
    • Clinics : Please contact Clinic Director Yuri Linetsky,, if you are interested in taking a Clinic.
    • Simulation Courses: These are listed under “Simulation Courses” on the Course Listing.

Q: How does the lottery for limited enrollment courses work?

A: Additional information about the lottery process can be found on  the “Lottery Rules” form.

Q: What if I want to drop a class?

A: The following classes can be dropped before April 20th: Clinics, Pretrial Advocacy, Trial Advocacy, and White Collar Practice.  After that date, you will need special permission in order to drop these classes.  Other classes can be dropped anytime prior to August 23rd; withdrawal after that date may result in a “W” or “F” on your transcript.

Q: What if I want to take more than 16 credits in a semester?

A: Students who are interested in taking more than 16 credits in a semester should contact Grace Lee,  Please be aware that you will be charged additional tuition for any credits taken over the 16 credit maximum.  The current per-credit charge is $855 per additional credit for residents and $1515 for non-residents, although that amount is subject  to change.

Q:  What does it mean to “bank” journal hours?

A: Students who participate in journals earn one credit per semester during their first year on the journal.  During their second year on the journal, they may earn up to three additional credits, depending on their position.  Students can apply their journal credits to the semester in which they earn that credit by registering for the journal during that semester.  Alternatively, students can wait and apply their journal credits to a subsequent semester.  This is informally referred to as “banking” journal hours.  In order to apply your journal credits to a particular semester, you must register for those credits within  the drop-add period.