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Areas of Expertise:
International Trade and Investment Law
Nuclear Law
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Daniel Joyner

Professor Joyner received a B.A. in Japanese from Brigham Young University, his J.D. from Duke Law School, an M.A. in political science from the University of Georgia, and a PhD in law from the University of Warwick School of Law in the United Kingdom.

Prior to joining the Alabama Law faculty in 2007, Professor Joyner taught for four years on the faculty of the University of Warwick School of Law. During Michaelmas Term 2005, he was also a Senior Associate Member of St. Antony's College, Oxford University.

Professor Joyner teaches Public International Law, International Trade and Investment Law, The Law of War, WMD Law & Policy, and Contracts.

Professor Joyner's research interests are focused in public international law, with particular interest in the area of nuclear weapons nonproliferation law and civilian nuclear energy law. His areas of expertise include nuclear non-proliferation treaties and international organizations; and sources of international trade, investment, safety, security, liability and export control law in the nuclear energy area.  He has also written extensively on international use of force law, and on the U.N. Security Council.

Professor Joyner founded the online blog, which was chosen by the ABA Journal for its 2013 Blawg 100 list, as one of the top 100 best blogs for a legal audience.

Professor Joyner’s first book, entitled INTERNATIONAL LAW AND THE PROLIFERATION OF WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION, was published in 2009 by Oxford University Press. About this book Professor David Koplow of Georgetown University Law Center has written:

“This book is both important and timely. In it, the author leads the reader meticulously through some of the most intricate and urgent problems of national security, addressing the historical origins of our contemporary security problems and the most dangerous and provocative present threats to stability. Intended principally for lawyers (and providing a comprehensive, thoroughly documented analysis of the principal international and domestic legal sources and texts), the work also merits a broader audience, for it parses non-proliferation and counter-proliferation policy with striking clarity, offering fresh insights and proposing novel solutions. It deserves a place on any informed citizen's bookshelf.”

Professor Joyner’s second book is entitled INTERPRETING THE NUCLEAR NONPROLIFERATION TREATY, and was published in 2011 by Oxford University Press.  Ambassador Mohamed Shaker, Chairman of the Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs and author of the seminal 1980 treatise THE NUCLEAR NONPROLIFERATION TREATY: ORIGIN AND IMPLEMENTATION 1959-1979, has written regarding this book:

“This study is a remarkable one and is greatly welcomed at an important juncture and after a successful NPT Review Conference in 2010. Daniel H. Joyner has relied on solid grounds in interpreting the Treaty, not relying entirely on statements made by certain officials and personalities involved in negotiating the Treaty. Since my book was published more than 30 years ago, it is a great source of comfort to find such a new and remarkable study that greatly enhances our understanding of the NPT and which can be considered as an inescapable companion to my study of the NPT negotiations. This new study should be a required reading to any one who would wish to deal with nonproliferation. . . . Congratulations for a well thought of study which is original and faithful to the tradition of meticulous interpretation.”


Professor Joyner is currently working on a new book under contract with Oxford University Press, to be entitled IRAN’S NUCLEAR PROGRAM AND INTERNATIONAL LAW. Publication is expected in 2015.



Professor Joyner's other recent publications include:


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What if Iran Withdraws from the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty? Part II: What Would the Legal Implications Be?, EUROPEAN SOCIETY OF INTERNATIONAL LAW REFLECTIONS, Volume 1, Issue 6 (2012) (Peer-Reviewed Online Publication)



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The Security Council as a Legal Hegemon, 43 GEORGETOWN JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL LAW 225 (2012) (

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