Academic Support Programs

The University of Alabama School of Law provides multiple forms of academic support services and resources to its students. The School of Law offers academic support workshops during a student’s first year on such topics as study skills, time management, outlining, and exam writing. Students may also request one-on-one sessions to receive targeted instruction in areas such as classroom preparation, rule synthesis and legal analysis, and improving fundamental writing skills. In the spring semester of the first-year, students experiencing academic difficulties take a reduced load of courses and attend individualized instructional sessions.

The School of Law also may offer a Summer academic support program for a select number of incoming first-year J.D. students. This program varies year-to-year.  Typically, students take one required fall semester course prior to Orientation and receive supplemental instruction in legal writing, study skills, and exam preparation. In this format, the students in the summer program then take a reduced load of classes in the fall semester of their first year.
Applicants who are interested in the summer program do not need to apply specially to the program but should indicate their interest on their application. The School of Law may require some applicants to participate in the summer program, as a basis for their admission, and will invite others to participate. Decisions will be based on the academic need of individual applicants, expression of interest, and availability.