Independent Study

Independent Study courses allow students to explore subjects in depth and/or investigate areas not covered through the regular curriculum. They may be graded Pass/D/Fail or with standard letter grades. Independent Study activities should approximate in educational value, and in the quality and quantity of work demanded, conventional courses offering the same number of course credits. Students should not receive independent study credit if they are receiving compensation or other course credit for the same activity.

Students may engage in Independent Study with a fulltime faculty member; however, no more than three hours of Independent Study may count toward the J.D. degree. A student may register for only one Independent Study project each semester. Approval for Independent Study must be granted by the professor and the Dean before registering for the hours. Forms for this purpose are available in the Records Office. Independent Studies must be supervised by a full-time faculty member.

Forms for this purpose are available below. On the form, please describe in detail the proposed independent study project, including the length of the writing project and your goals and learning objectives, after an initial consultation with the professor. Please feel free to attach a page if needed. The form should be typed.

Independent Study Form (PDF)