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Disability Policy

Students with disabilities are encouraged to contact the Office of Disability Services (ODS) prior to entering the University. ODS is the central contact point for students with disabilities at UA. Services for students focus upon providing accommodations and services to help meet University demands, while promoting student responsibility and self-advocacy. Students who seek accommodations must first register with ODS during each semester for which they wish to receive accommodations.

ODS is located at 1000 Houser Hall. ODS can be reached at (205) 348-4285 (Voice), (205) 348-3081 (TTY), (205) 348-0804 (Fax), (website), and (email).

The Law School’s administration and the University’s Office of Disability Services work together to help individuals with disabilities achieve and maintain individual autonomy. Students with disabilities are encouraged to contact the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs so that the individual’s needs for support services can be evaluated and accommodated in a timely manner. Students should not contact a professor directly as this may compromise the student’s ability to be graded anonymously.