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Experiential Courses

Students must successfully complete at least six credit hours in experiential courses, which are designed to give students hands-on experience that is directly applicable to the practice of law. The following experiential courses will be offered in the 2023-2024 academic year. Please note that our experiential offerings may change in subsequent years.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (LAW 705)
Appellate Advocacy (LAW 700)
Bankruptcy Litigation (LAW 777)
Clinics (LAW 665)
Externships (LAW 795, LAW 733, LAW 618, LAW 682)
Intellectual Property Transactions (LAW 788)
Judicial Opinion Drafting (LAW 715)
Jury Selection (LAW 872)
Law Office Practice (LAW 688)
Legislative Drafting (LAW 744)
Litigating Criminal Procedure (LAW 731)
Litigation Drafting (LAW 828)
Mediation (LAW 779)
Patent Prosecution (LAW 835)
Pretrial Advocacy (LAW 663) & Criminal Pretrial Advocacy (LAW 673)
Privacy & Data Security Law (LAW 606)
Transactional Drafting (LAW 816)
Trial Advocacy (LAW 664) & Criminal Trial Advocacy (LAW 604)
Trial Advocacy Competition Class (LAW 728) & Trial Advocacy Competition Team (LAW 629)
Will Drafting (LAW 747)