The University of Alabama School of Law (Law School) is committed to offering its students the highest quality of legal education. In fulfillment of that goal, the Law School recognizes the value of employing a variety of methodologies and experiences. One such experience is the placement of students in practical legal settings outside of the Law School.

Externships assist the Law School in meeting its overall educational objective by permitting students to engage in the practical application of the legal knowledge gained in the classroom and practical skills learned in the classroom and in clinical settings. Externships provide students with an environment in which they can test the theories which they have learned in Law School and obtain verification of the practical application of the body of law and legal skills taught by the Law School.

Academic Year Externship (Law 795). 2-3 Hours.
During the academic year, placements are available in the chambers of state and federal judges and magistrates. In the Spring semester, additional placements are available at the offices of non-profit public interest organizations. Students work eight hours per week in the offices where they are placed. Duties include hearing and pretrial preparation and assistance on trials and appeals. They will also attend several class sessions and submit multiple papers during and following the externship.

The Academic Year Externship Program is co-directed by Assistant Dean Glory McLaughlin and Adjunct Instructor Randy Quarles. Randy Quarles practices business litigation with his own firm, The Quarles Law Firm, LLC. He clerked for the Honorable Emmett Cox, U. S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit, upon graduation from law school and prior to entering practice.

Students may only pursue one externship application below, whether to apply for a public interest placement or a judicial placement. You may not apply for both in the same semester.

Fall 2018 Application Packet
Fall 2018 Externship Application

Federal Externship (Law 733). 10 hours.
In the Spring semester of each academic year a group of University of Alabama law students will have the opportunity to earn ten hours of externship credit working in Washington, D.C. with the U.S. Congress or an executive branch agency. Duties will primarily include assisting lawyers serving as Congressional and Senate staff members and as counsel in executive branch agencies. In addition, externs will earn two additional hours of regular academic credit by participating in a legislation course taught in Washington and offered specifically for students participating in the externship program. Both the externship and the associated legislation course help students fulfill the requirements of the Law School’s Certificate in Governmental Affairs.

The Federal Legislative Externship Program is directed by Assistant Dean Glory McLaughlin.

Spring Federal Externship Information Packet [on-campus or with login only]

Summer Externship (Law 634). 5-6 Hours.
During the summer, placements are available with offices specializing in criminal law (e.g., United States Attorneys, District Attorneys, Public Defenders, and Alabama’s Attorney General) and civil law (e.g., U.S. Attorneys’ Offices, Governor’s Legal Counsel’s office, Legal Services, National Labor Relations Board, and University of Alabama Counsel’s office). Students work full time during a 6-week session under the direct supervision of attorneys in the offices to which they are assigned. They also attend externship classes at the Law School and submit papers during and at the conclusion of the externship. Students must apply and interview with the director of the Externship Program during the spring semester.

The Summer Externship Program is directed by Adjunct Instructor Judge Bill Bostick. Judge Bostick is an Alabama Circuit Court Judge, Shelby County, and previously served as an Assistant District Attorney for Shelby County, Alabama, where he specialized in felony and capital prosecutions.

2018 Summer Information Packet
Summer Externship Application