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International Programs

Our students have regular access to:

International Programs at Alabama Law

The Law School continues to expand and diversify its international law programs in Tuscaloosa and throughout the world. The Law School also offers an International LL.M. Program for foreign lawyers who spend nine months in residence studying U.S. law.

Students participating in any study abroad program for credit towards their J.D. degree will receive a comparative education in the law of the host country, and in approaches to the study of law, which will enhance their educational experience at the University of Alabama School of Law.

The Law School’s study abroad programs seek to achieve several objectives, including: 1) to provide opportunities to students who wish to learn and apply law in an international environment; 2) to provide students with an examination of legal issues in comparative contexts; 3) to prepare students for increasingly globalized law practice; 4) to assist students who want to live or work as legal professionals abroad; and 5) to expose students to course, legal perspectives and experiences that are unavailable on the UA campus.

For more information about each of these opportunities, please click on the relevant link. If you have additional questions, please email