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Mediation Law Clinic

Mediation Law Clinic Course Information for Students

Like the Law School’s other law clinics, the Mediation Clinic has two primary goals, one educational and one public service oriented. First, the Clinic seeks to train law students, by assuming the role of mediator, to be effective, highly professional lawyers and mediators. In particular, the Clinic was created to provide law students with the opportunity to learn the professional skills involved in settling legal disputes, particularly the skill of mediating disputes. The Clinic’s second goal is to provide free mediation services to families involved in legal disputes. By providing an alternative to the adversarial litigation process, the Clinic seeks to help families settle disputes more promptly and to reduce the emotional trauma that protracted family court litigation can often produce.

Organization Name: Mediation Law Clinic-The University of Alabama School of Law

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 870392, Tuscaloosa 35487-0392

Physical Address: The University of Alabama School of Law, 101 Paul Bryant Drive, Tuscaloosa 35401

Phone number: (205) 348-4960

Are you a non-profit? Yes

Do you accept donations? Yes

Are donations tax-deductible? Yes, through the University of Alabama Law School Foundation.

Do you provide direct client services? No

Brief description of services provided: The Mediation Law Clinic provides free mediation service in matters pending in Tuscaloosa County family courts.

How do parties qualify for your services? By asking the judge assigned their case to order the case to mediation.

Program description: The University of Alabama School of Law’s Mediation Law Clinic provides free legal mediation on matters involving family courts to University of Alabama students and to others on a referral basis. The Clinic provides mediation on matters such as: divorce actions (child support, visitation, alimony, and the distribution of property) and post-divorce actions (such as changes in support or visitation).