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Students must successfully complete at least one seminar, which provides students the opportunity to do a deep-dive into a subject and produce a well-written research paper. The following seminars will be offered in the 2023-2024 academic year. Please note that our experiential offerings may change in subsequent years. Please also note that Independent study does not satisfy the seminar requirement.

Alabama Legal History (LAW 735)
Comparative Privacy Law (LAW 753)
Criminal Justice and Prosecutorial Discretion (LAW 753)
Critical Race Feminism (LAW 753)
Democratic Institutions (LAW 614)
Elder Law (LAW 753)
English Legal History (LAW 823)
Equal Protection (LAW 753)
Gender & the Law (LAW 633)
Higher Education & the Law (LAW 711)
Immunity Doctrine (LAW 753)
International Environmental Law (LAW 763)
The Law of Money and Payments (LAW 753)
Law & Popular Culture (LAW 680)
Litigating with the Power of the State: The Role of the State Attorney General (LAW 753)
Perspectives on Citizenship (LAW 672)
Rethinking Criminal Law (LAW 753)
The Role of Racial Equity Audits in ESG (LAW 753)
Supreme Court Seminar (LAW 753)
Tax & Innovation Policy (LAW 720)