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Withdrawal and Refund

Generally a student who desires to withdraw from the School of Law should consult the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and make known the reasons for withdrawal. Withdrawal without good cause established at the time of withdrawal, or withdrawal without submission of the reasons for withdrawal to the Dean’s Office, may prevent later readmission to the Law School. A student who withdraws while on academic probation will be allowed to reenter only in exceptional circumstances. Failure to re-enroll (with the exception of summer session) is equivalent to withdrawal.

Any student who has withdrawn from the law school and desires to be readmitted should submit a petition to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, setting forth the reasons for withdrawal and the reasons for seeking readmission. (See the section “Readmission of Students.”)

The School of Law reserves the right to require the withdrawal at any time of any student who, in the judgment of the law school administration, is not profiting or is not likely to profit from the instruction offered; who is neglectful, irregular, or indifferent in the performance of required duties and studies; or whose character or conduct is inconsistent with the good order of the law school or with the standards of the legal profession.

Information about the Financial Impact of Withdrawal is available online at and from The University of Alabama, Office of Student Receivables, 105 Student Services Center, Box 870120, AL 35487-0120, (205-348-5350).