Current Edition

Volume 8.1

Stephen Rushin

Reconsidering Pretrial Media Publicity: Racialized Crime News, Grand Juries and Tamir Rice 
Bryan Adamson

Hacking Qualified Immunity: Cameras and Civil Rights Settlements 
Mary D. Fan

Qualified Immunity and the Use of Force: Making the Reckless into the Reasonable 
John P. Gross

Race and Objective Reasonableness in Use of Force Cases: An Introduction to Some Relevant Social Science 
Ariela Rutbeck-Goldman & L. Song Richardson

Selected Student Notes

Challenging Excessive Force: Why Police Officers Disproportionally Exercise Excessive Force Towards Blacks and Why This Systemic Problem Must End 
Devan Byrd

“Bullseye on Their Back”L Police Profiling and Abuse of Trans and Non-Binary Individuals and Solutions Beyond the Department of Justice Guidelines 
Carolyn Calhoun


Volume 8.2

Silencing Matters of Public Concern: An Analysis of State Legislative Protection of Whistleblowers in Light of the Supreme Court’s Ruling in Garcetti v. Ceballos

Susan L. Wynne & Michael S. Vaughn

Neutrality, Accommodation, and Conscience Clause Legislation
Mark Strasser

Three First Amendment Puzzles Raised by the Police Union Response To Speech Criticizing Police Conduct in Ferguson and New York City
Rob Kahn

Selected Student Notes

Earning Immunity Under 47 U.S.C. § 230
Shruti Jaishankar

Free Speech in the Age of Political Correctness: Removing Free Speech Zones on College Campuses to Encourage Civil Discourse
Jennifer R. Huddleston