Current Edition

Issue 9.1


Retherorizing Actionable Injuries in Civil Lawsuits Involving Targeted Hate Speech: Hate Speech as Degradation and Humiliation – Alexander Brown

Compensatory Education is Available to English Language Learners Under the EEOA – Kevin Golembiewski

Disparate Impact and Voting Rights: How Objections to Impact-Based Claims Prevent Plaintiffs from Prevailing in Cases Challenging New Forms of Disenfranchisement – Jamelia N. Morgan


Selected Comments

Retheorizing Actions for Targeted Hate Speech: A Comment on Professor Brown – Richard Delgado & Jean Stefancic

When is Hate Speech Wrongful? A Comment on Alexander Brown’s Hate Speech as Degradation and Humiliation – Steven J. Heyman


Selected Student Notes

A Crime Remembered: The Possible Impact of the “Right to be Forgotten” in the United States for Crime Victims, Criminal Defendants, and the Convicted – Megan Deitz

Issue 9.2


Claudia Rankine’s Citizen: Documenting and Protesting America’s Halting March Toward Racial Justice and Equality
– Susan Ayres

When Too Many People Can Be Stopped: The Erosion of Reasonable Suspicion Required for a <>Terry Stop in the Eleventh Circuit
– Aliza Hochman Bloom

The Klan’s Constitution
– Jared A. Goldstein

The Benefits of Using Investigative Legislation to Interpret the Fourth Amendment: A Response to Orin Kerr
– Nicholas A. Kahn-Fogel

The Rule of Law and the Genesis of Freedom: A Survey of Selected Virginia County Court Freedom Suits (1723-1800)
– Gloria Whittico

Selected Student Notes

The Qui Tam Environmentalist: Holding Polluters Accountable Through the False Claims Act – Gonzalo E. Rodriguez