J.D. Frequently Asked Questions

Law School Preparation

Do I need to have a particular major or course of study to apply to Alabama?
The Law School does not require that you have a particular major to apply. However, one should choose a course of study in which he or she is interested and in which he or she does well. The admissions committee considers the demands of the undergraduate course of study when evaluating an application.

What does the admissions committee consider when reviewing a file for admission?
The LSAT and UGPA are the two most significant factors in the admissions process. The Law School also considers your personal statement and your letters of recommendation. Your file will be reviewed for other factors such as unique work experience or community service; leadership roles; history of overcoming adversity; diverse backgrounds; travel experience; demonstrated concern for the disadvantaged; exceptional talents; career achievements; trends in academic program; writing abilities; graduate school performance; and other qualities from your background.


When should I take the LSAT?
The LSAT is given a few times a year. The Law School recommends that you take the LSAT early. However, the Law School also will consider the June 2018 LSAT. The score must be no more than four years old at the time an applicant would begin law school. For LSAT dates, please review the LSAC website at www.lsac.org/.

Where do I take the LSAT?
The LSAT is given at test centers all over the United States and in Canada and other international locations. Please contact the LSAC at www.lsac.org or (215) 968-1001 for more information.

What is a competitive LSAT score?
The LSAT is significant in the admissions process. The median LSAT score for the class enrolling in the Fall of 2017 was 164.

Undergraduate Grade Point Average

May I apply before I receive a bachelor’s degree?
The Law School requires that an applicant have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution before enrolling at Alabama Law. You may apply before you receive the degree.

What is a competitive UGPA?
Your application is more competitive the closer your UGPA is to the median. The median UGPA for the class enrolling in the Fall of 2017 was 3.84. Although the cumulative GPA reviewed by the committee is from the undergraduate courses as determined by the CAS report, a graduate GPA may be a factor in the admissions process. An upward trend in undergraduate grades and a challenging course of study are two additional factors that the committee considers. If there were circumstances that impacted your UGPA, you may explain the circumstances to the committee in an application addendum or in your essay.


When does Alabama begin accepting applications?
The Law School generally begins accepting applications in September of each year.

Is there an application fee?
Yes, the fee is $40 and may be paid by check, money order, or credit card. Alabama Law honors fee waivers granted by LSAC. If LSAC has granted a fee waiver to you, please provide a copy of an email or a letter granting the waiver.

We also will to waive the application fee for veterans and current members of the United States military.  To request this waiver, send an email to admissions@law.ua.edu and provide a copy of your DD 214 or current assignment orders.

In addition, as part of our continued commitment to public service, Alabama Law will waive the $40 application fee for current or former Teach For America and AmeriCorps members and for current and former Peace Corps volunteers. To request this waiver, send an email to admissions@law.ua.edu. Please attach a letter from your supervisor confirming your participation, dates of participation, and location of service. The Law School also will accept a direct email from your supervisor with these details.

May I apply before I take the LSAT?
Yes. However, the committee cannot review your application until your file, which includes your final LSAT score, is complete.

After I apply, may I retake the LSAT?
Yes. Please inform the Admissions Office staff if you are retaking the test.

After I apply, when should I expect a decision?
Alabama has a rolling admissions policy, which means that applications are considered continuously throughout the admissions season. Applications are initially reviewed in roughly the order in which they are completed. Some applications receive an immediate final decision; others are held for further review or are waitlisted. We make our decisions as quickly as possible, but the time necessary varies from case to case. There may be applications that are completed in the Fall that do not receive a final decision until late in the admissions cycle. We evaluate each application thoroughly, considering the entirety of the application. This holistic approach, coupled with our rolling admissions process, allows us to ensure that each application receives attention. It also allows us to make careful comparisons between applications completed at different times. There is no application deadline for Fall 2018. However, the committee begins admitting applicants before December and seats are filled as the season progresses.

By the end of May, the Law School typically will have made final decisions and completed its waitlist.  If an applicant has questions about the status of his or her application, he or she should feel free to contact the Admissions Office.

May I reapply if I was denied admission in the previous year?
Of course, you may reapply. You will need to complete a new application and submit an application fee. You also will need to make certain that your Credential Assembly Service (CAS) file is updated and complete and that you submit any new coursework to the service. You should consider submitting new essays and recommendations. The committee, however, will consider any material from a file from the previous year. It is recommended that you improve your application in some manner and not submit the same material as you did for the year you were denied admission.

Is an essay required on the application?
The Law School requires one essay on the application. The essay should be a two-page personal statement. This essay might describe why you want to go to law school or the University of Alabama School of Law in particular. Or, it might describe how your experiences will enrich the class. You are encouraged to describe any adversity you have overcome. The personal statement should provide insight that the Committee may not otherwise glean from your resume and transcripts. This essay is your writing sample for the committee, and the committee will consider your writing style and form, including grammar.

Is a resume required?
Yes. Please submit a resume that includes at least your last three positions of full-time employment, including summer employment.

Other Questions

How many letters of recommendation are required?
Alabama requires one letter of recommendation. The Admissions Office requests that at least one letter go through CAS. The best letters are specific and describe your abilities and accomplishments. The committee often considers letters from undergraduate professors to be most useful. An academic letter of recommendation particularly would be helpful if your GPA is significantly below the median.

Are interviews required?
The admissions committee does not interview candidates for admission. However, the Admissions Office may call or contact you if there is a problem with or questions about information in your application. As a prospective student interested in studying law at Alabama, you should feel free to visit the law school and ask questions from an Admissions staff member.

If I am an international student applying for the J.D. Program, is a TOEFL score required?
A TOEFL score is required if English is not your primary language.

If I attended an undergraduate school outside the United States, am I required to register for the CAS?
Yes, you must use the JD Credential Assembly Service (JD CAS) through the LSAC. Your transcripts and TOEFL score must be sent to the JD CAS.

Is Alabama residency considered in admissions and may I change my residency status after my first year of law school?
As the State’s only public law school, Alabama residency is one of many factors in admissions. Thus, it is useful for nonresidents in particular to describe their ties to the State and/or their interest in the University of Alabama School of Law.

It is possible to obtain Alabama residency after your first year. Please review the residency guidelines at http://registrar.ua.edu/residency.html. Residency petitions should be mailed to the Law School Admissions Office, Box 870382, Tuscaloosa, AL 35487.

How may I be considered for scholarships?
Applicants applying as incoming first-year students are considered automatically for scholarships. If you are awarded a scholarship, you are notified by the Admissions Office.

How do I apply for financial aid (loans)? 
To be considered for loans, you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as soon after January 1 as possible. The form may be completed online at http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/. More information can be found at www.financialaid.ua.edu. Students with questions regarding financial aid also may contact Cheryl Rollins at crollins@law.ua.edu or (205)348-1123. Students with questions regarding merit scholarship awards may contact the Admissions office at admissions@law.ua.edu or (205) 348-5440.

Does Alabama Law require a seat deposit?
Alabama Law requires admitted students to pay a one-time non-refundable seat deposit. If you enroll at Alabama, the deposit amount will be applied toward your tuition in the fall. Seat deposits may be mailed to the Law School Admissions Office or paid online at myBama.ua.edu.

Are professors accessible to students?
The professors at The University of Alabama School of Law are accessible and enjoy working with students. Our students feel comfortable approaching professors with questions. Our low student-to-faculty ratio shows our commitment to a student-centered education.

What if I have additional questions?
Please contact the Law School Admissions Office with questions. Our mailing address is Box 870382, Tuscaloosa, AL 35487. Our physical address is 101 Paul Bryant Drive East, Tuscaloosa, AL 35401. The Admissions phone number is (205)348-5440 and the e-mail address is admissions@law.ua.edu.