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CSO Video Library

Welcome to the Video Library affiliated with the Career Services Office at The University of Alabama School of Law. This database is meant to serve as a reference for   past programming, as well as informational interviews for career exploration purposes. All resources are password protected and will require a MyBama/Blackboard login.

Off-Campus Interview Programs 2022

off campus interview program

Personal Branding – What Is It and Why Is It Important

SPLC Info Session

Clerkships 2022

Interviewing Skills 2022

Quick Tips! Cold Emailing

Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program

The JD Advantage Job Search

2021 Out of State Interview Programs

U.S. Navy Office of General Counsel Info Session

Quick Tips! How to Have Your Best Summer

Public Interest Fellowships

Externship Info Session

Mr. Stephen McKitt Info Interview (Bankruptcy, In-House, Government)

2021 Searching Outside of Symplicity Workshop

Spring 2021 Clerkships Info Session (2L+OSCAR)

Mr. Kevin Butler Info Interview (Federal Public Defender)

2021 Interviewing Skills Workshop

Ms. Akiesha Anderson Info Interview (Public Service, Legislative, Policy)

Akiesha Anderson Info Interview (Public Service, Legislative, Policy)

2021 alliantgroup Info Session

Alliant Group Info Session

2021 Interviewing Skills Workshop

Interview Skills

2021 Birmingham Recruiters Panel

2021 Spring Recruitment Overview

Ms. Alyssa Barksdale (Patent Prosecution)

Alyssa Barksdale

2020 Prosecutors’ Day

Prosecutor Day 2020

2020 JAG Day

JAG Day 2020

Mr. Brad Sklar (Transactional)

Mr. Harold Stephens (Healthcare, Litigation)

Mr. Bruce Siegal (IP, Trademarks, Collegiate)

2020 Public Defender Day

public defenders day

Equal Justice Works Career Fair Prep

Fall 2020 1L Meeting

CSO 1L workshop

2020 Clerkships Info Session

clerkships thumbnail

2020 DOJ Informational Session

DOJ interview thumbnail