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Current Students

Your Career Services Office is pleased to provide you with this guide. We intend for this to be a starting point for your career search and a reference for you to return to throughout the process.  Of course, the magical resource with all of the answers does not exist. That is why we encourage you to also review the materials that we keep in our career services library.

The staff of Your CSO genuinely enjoys working with our students and alumni. If there is a way that we can assist you, let us know. We are always happy to meet with you individually, review your career documents, and help you develop your career search.

The CSO’s online computer system, Symplicity, is your gateway to our services. In order to use the Symplicity system, you must log on and complete your profile. Please fully complete all of the information requested.

Our office complies with policies set by the American Bar Association, the American Association of Law Schools, and the National Association for Law Placement. Students are responsible for knowing and following the policies on this website. Law Students must also know and comply with these policies to use the services of the CSO. Use of the CSO affirms a student’s intent to comply with these policies.