Labor Law - LAW 676

2-3 Hours

The course is about labor union activities and other forms of conserted activity. It focuses upon an employee’s right to form or join a union and the right to refrain from such activities. The course covers the representational and unfair labor practice provisions of the National Labor Relations Act, including the formation of a labor organization and negotiations and administration of collective bargaining agreements.


The course also covers the National Labor Relations Act treatment of various forms of strike activity by labor organizations, including organizational and recognition picketing, secondary boycott strikes, and work assignment disputes. Other topics include grievances and arbitration provisions in collective bargaining agreements and the judicial enforcement of those agreements, the respective role of arbitrators and the National Relations Board during the term of collective bargaining agreements, the potential liability of a successor company whenever a unionized company is acquired by another company, Federal law preemption,  and the rights of individual bargaining unit members to fair representation by labor organizations. The course concludes with an examination of the various forms of dues paying and union security arrangements that appear in collective bargaining agreements, including right-to-work laws.


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