Public Health Law - LAW 757

1-3 Hours

This is an elective course which is a survey of the law of public health as it is distinguished from the law of health care in general, which is not a prerequisite for this course. The course will deal with the basic tensions between the constitutional principles of individual rights juxtaposed against the rights of society to protect itself under the police power. The course will briefly recount the history of public health, especially in the United States and the attendant growing body of law surrounding it. It will highlight the extent to which and the conditions under which the state can restrain an individual’s liberty to prevent the spread of communicable disease. The course will touch on the rights of the individual to privacy in his or her personal information and the rights to engage in behaviors which are deleterious to the individual’s personal health. The course will have as a component the interface of public health law and the law of emergency management in the face of a natural or manmade disaster or the imminent threat thereof. Lastly, the course will identify the place of international health law and organizations in the body of United States law.

Fall 2012 Section 001
Syllabus for Fall 2012 section 001