Special Topics in Law: Privacy & Data Security Law - LAW 731

2 Hours

Privacy and data security incidents have changed the way consumers view companies like Google, Facebook, Equifax, and Target.  As these types of incidents continue to make headlines and the volume of data collected, stored, and used by businesses continues to grow exponentially, companies are increasingly relying on attorneys to help them navigate the legal minefield of privacy and data protection.  This course examines global privacy and data security legal doctrines and provides students with an opportunity to perform practical exercises that mirror the work performed by privacy and data security attorneys for their clients. During the course students will:

-       Learn about the foundational laws that govern privacy and data security compliance;

-       Simulate client interviews to understand how privacy and data security frameworks operate within an organization;    

-       Participate in a mock data breach exercise; and

Learn how to effectively draft privacy policies, incident response memorandums, and data breach notices.

Spring 2020 Section 004
Professor Starr Drum
Syllabus for Spring 2020 section 004
Spring 2019 Section 008
Professor Starr Drum
Syllabus for Spring 2019 section 008