Special Topics in Law: Space Law - LAW 731

2 Hours

Space Law is comprised of two primary areas:  (1) international law (treaties); and (2) U.S. Federal law (legislation and regulations - - mostly by the FAA).  The international aspect governs how countries have agreed to utilize space - - from scientific exploration to commercial uses such as satellites.  The international law developed rapidly after the launch of Sputnik in 1957, and the federal law has developed to allow commercial companies to enter space.  We’ll look at the history of space law, its current state, and attempt to forecast how it may change in the future.  As societies and technologies change, so do the laws designed to govern them.  Will Elon Musk someday own land on Mars?

Spring 2022 Section 006
Professor Ellis Brazeal
Syllabus for Spring 2022 section 006
Spring 2020 Section 005
Professor Ellis Brazeal
Syllabus for Spring 2020 section 005