Education Law - LAW 725

2-3 Hours

This course provides students with a broad overview of developments in education law and policy by examining the historic and changing role of law and legal institutions in structuring American public and, to a lesser extent, private elementary and secondary education. It introduces students to the major constitutional, statutory, and regulatory authorities that influence the management and operation of American K-12 schools. Subjects to be explored include theories of compulsory attendance requirements; school choice; educational privacy rights; school board governance; educational equality; academic freedom; school finance; professional and contractual responsibilities of teachers; and compliance with state and federal mandates.


Fall 2017 Section 025
Professor Daiquiri Steele
Syllabus for Fall 2017 section 025
Fall 2018 Section 001
Professor Daiquiri Steele
Syllabus for Fall 2018 section 001
Spring 2021 Section 001
Syllabus for Spring 2021 section 001