Special Topics: Law Office Practice - LAW 626

2-3 Hours

The class will focus on issues that arise in the daily practice of law.

All lawyers, regardless of their practice, will encounter clients with personal and family crises. This course is designed to provide students with the experience of a basic law practice. This includes ethical standards of lawyers in everyday client interactions and includes   drafting exercises for: divorce and child custody; collection of judgements; buying or leasing a house; guardians and conservators; forming a family LLC and wills and estates. Each member of the class will develop law practice skills as they discuss and prepare the necessary documents in a general law practice. Except for introductory classes to familiarize students with areas of law that are responsive to government documents or require trial skills, each class will have a fact specific assignment for students to respond to a legal issue of a client by preparing documents to be completed and reviewed in the following class period.

All Course Syllabi Available Here