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Volume 1

Table of Contents
Spring 1975, Volume 1

Mental Retardation

Issues in Mental Retardation by Norman R. Ellis, p9

Definition, Diagnosis, Classification and Associated Problems in Mental Retardation by William R. Hughes, p17

Genetic Considerations in Mental Retardation by Wayne H. Finley and Sara C. Finley, p29



Psychological Impact of Sterilization on the Individual by Philip Roos, p45

Sterilization, State Action, and the Concept of Consent by Monroe E. Price and Robert A. Burt, p57

Wyatt v. Aderholt: Constitutional Standards for Statutory and Consensual Sterilization in State Mental Institutions by Matthew W. Burns, p79


Right to Treatment

Recent Developments in the Right to Treatment, p115

Implementing a Right to Effective Treatment by Ralph K. Schwitzgebel, p117

A Mechanism for Enforcing the Right to Treatment: The Human Rights Committee, by Shirley Mahan, Samuel Maples, Stan Murphy, and Glynn Tubb, p131

Civil Rights of the Mentally Retarded: An Overview, by Elizabeth A. Steinbock, Louis L. Beermann, G. Tom Bellamy, Patrick Di Rocco, Gilbert Foss, and Myles Friedland