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Volume 11

Table of Contents
Spring 1987, Volume 11
“State Execution of Juveniles: Defining ‘Youth’ as a Mitigating Factor for Imposing a Sentence of Less Than Death”
W. James Ellison
“Social Science Evidence and the Discrepancy in the Federal Rules of Evidence on Character Testimony”
Margaret Platt Jendrek & Martin F. Kaplan
“Non-Imputability in Soviet Criminal Law: The Soviet Approach to the Insanity Plea”
Jerry DeWitt Baker
“Admissibility of Expert Testimony on the Psychology of the Battered Child”
Steven R. Hicks
“Birl v. Wallis: The Last Piece in the Puzzle?”
Z. Renee Blackmon
“Colorado v. Connelly: Is Free Will No Longer a Criteria for the Voluntariness of an Accused’s Waiver and Confession Under Miranda v. Arizona”
William G. Cheney, Jr.