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Volume 12

Table of Contents
Spring 1998, Volume 12
“Protecting Forcibly Institutionalized Mental Patients From Unwanted Drug Therapy: A Fourth Amendment Analysis”
Sandra A. Garcia &
Robert Batey
“The Malpractice of Family Therapy: An Analysis of Two ‘Schools’”
Gary W. Paquin
“Learning Disabilities, Post-Secondary Education, and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973”
James D. Sears
“The Mock Trial: An Exploration of Applications and Dynamics in Interdisciplinary Training”
Joseph E. Schumacher
“Balancing the Right of the Mentally Retarded to Obtain a Therapeutic Sterilization Against the Potential for Abuse”
A. Carson Irvine
“Review of J. Monahan and L. Walker, Social Science in Law: Cases and Materials”
William E. Cooper
“Rationality Scrutiny of Mental Retardation Based Equal Protection Claims: The Door to Discrimination and Confusion”
Pamela K. Agee
“Magwood v. Smith: The Effect of a Jury’s Failure to Consider Mitigating Circumstances in a Death Penalty Case”
W. Gregory Biddle
“Child Victims as Witnesses”
Robert B. Higgins
“The Attorney’s Role in Mediation and Conciliation of Domestic Disputes: An Overview”
Sheila D. Isbell