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Volume 13

Table of Contents
Spring 1989, Volume 13
“Fundamental Errors and Erroneous Beliefs in Using Regression Analysis as a Test for Sex Discrimination”
Gerald V. Barrett &
Dennis Doverspike
“Rape Trauma Syndrome: Is It Probative of Lack of Consent”
Ernest S. Graham
“Effect of Particularized Instructions on Evaluation of Eyewitness Identification Evidence”
Michael H. Hoffheimer
“Polygraph Test Results in Arbitration: A Question of Privacy and Scientific Validity”
Peter J. Garofalo
“Mental Retardation and Unconscionability”
James D. Sears
“Non-Therapist Counselors – No Duty to Refer Suicidal Patients to Licensed Psychotherapists – Nally v. Grace Community Church”
Arthur W. Orr
“Expert Opinion Testimony: Experts, Where Did They Come From and Why Are They Here?”
William E. Pipkin, Jr.
“The Controversy Over Community Residences for the Mentally Retarded”
Laura L. Robinson
“Hypnotically Enhanced Testimony – Its Role and Admissibility in the Legal Process”
Abha Umakantha
“Battered Women and the Legal System: Past, Present and Future”
Naomi Hilton Archer
“Alabama’s Insanity Defense – Now in Accord with Post-Hinckley Attitudes”
Crystal K. Hartley
“The Community Intensive Treatment for Youth Program: A Specialized Community-Based Program for High-Risk Youth in Alabama”
Emily N. Walker