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Volume 14

Table of Contents
Spring 1990, Volume 14
“Special Verdicts as Guides to Jury Decision Making”
Elizabeth C. Wiggins &
Steven J. Breckler
“Inducing Therapeutic Compliance Through the Criminal Law”
David B. Wexler
“Confidentiality: Do Training Clinics Take It Seriously?”
John L. Bernard &
Deborah L. O’Laughlin
“Expert Testimony by Psychologists: Novel Scientific Evidence”
Ernest S. Graham &
Robert E. Kabacy
“Patient-Therapist Sexual Relations: Professional Services Rendered? A Case Comment on Doe v. Swift”
Susan L. Gunnells
“The Mentally Deficient Witness: The Death of Incompentency”
Mary M. Collier
“Eliminating Hate: A Proposal for a Comprehensive Bias Crime Law”
M. Bruce Pitts
“The Statute of Limitations: A Procedural Stumbling Block in Civil Incestuous Abuse Cases”
Kelli L. Nabors
“Selecting the Perfect Jury: Use of Jury Consultants in Voir Dire”
John Charles S. Pierce
“The Legal Aspects of AIDS in the Correctional Setting”
Kelli A. Clayton
Legal Rights of Persons with Mental Illness and Mental Retardation in Institutions
“Protection and Advocacy for Persons with Mental Illness: A Resource for Rights Enforcement”
David C. Harvey &
Curtis L. Decker
“Incommunicado: The Incarceration and Institutionalization of Sane But ‘Communicatively’ Disabled Defendants”
Edward H. Stevens &
Garth A. Corbett
“Non-Deterioration of Self-Care Skills in Institutionalized Mentally Regarded Persons: Youngberg and Its Progeny”
Peggy Sumner Hooker
“Self-Advocacy: Petitioning the Court for a Writ of Habeas Corpus in Alabama”
Leigh Ann King
“An Overview of the Alabama Criminal Psychopath Release Restriction Act”
John W. Dodson
“What Ever Happened to Parham and Institutionalized Juveniles: Do Minors Have Procedural Rights in the Civil Commitment Area?”
James Kevin Walding