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Volume 15

Table of Contents
Spring 1991, Volume 15
“Opening Students’ Eyes: Visual Learning Theory in the Socratic Classroom”
William Wesley Patton
“The Control of Perinatal Drug Abuse: Legal, Psychological and Social Imperatives”
Sandra Anderson Garcia &
Ralph Segalman
“Research Essay: A Preliminary Empirical Enquiry Concerning the Prohibition of Hearsay Evidence in American Courts”
Stephan Landsman &
Richard F. Rakos
“Casting Doubt on the Operation of the Hearsay Rule: Nonverbal Conduct Intended as an Assertion”
Steven B. Goldstein
“Alcoholism in the Legal Profession: Psychological and Legal Perspectives and Interventions”
Eric Drogin
“Psychological, Cognitive, Personality and Interpersonal Factors in Jury Verdicts”
Dr. Jeffery R. Boyll
“‘Litigaphobia’ in Alabama’s State Mental Hospitals: Can Qualified Immunity Put the King’s Men Back Together Again?”
James L. Stirling, Jr.
“The Cruzan Decision – Sentenced to the Twilight Zone”
Sara N. Creed
“Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Its Role in the Defense of Vietnam Veterans”
S. Anthony Higgins
“Sexually Abused Child Syndrome: Res Ipsa Loquitur and Shifting the Burden of Proof”
Ann M. Koszuth
“The Legal and Psychological Implications of Tracking in Education”
Twala M. Grant
“The Americans With Disabilities Act: The Effect of Title I on Employer/Employee Relations”
Charles A. Powell, IV
“The Role of Stereotyping in the Development and Implementation of the D.E.A. Drug Courier Profiles”
Gregory L. Young
“The Multiple Personality Disorder: Has This Trendy Alibi Lost Its Way?”
Jill O. Radwin
“The Vance Decision: The Future of Subliminal Communication”
Eric L. Locke