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Volume 16

Table of Contents
Spring 1992, Volume 16
“Worrying About Litigation: A Normative Study of College Students and the General Public”
Stanley L. Brodsky &
William F. Gianesello
“The Non-Therapeutic Psychotherapy Relationship”
Jeffrey N. Younggren &
Darlene Skorka
“Tarasoff and the Dilemma of the Dangerous Patient: New Directions for the 1990’s”
Michael L. Perlin
“Reframing the Medical Malpractice Tort Reform Debate: Social Science Research Implications for Non-Economic Reforms”
Norman G. Poythress,
Richard Wiener &
Joseph E. Schumacher
“Comprehensive Lawyer Assistance Programs: Justification and Model”
G. Andrew H. Benjamin,
Bruce D. Sales, &
Elaine Darling
“Open Adoptions: Truth and Consequences”
Laurie A. Ames
“Application of the Delayed Discovery Rule: The Only Hope for Justice for Sexual Abuse Survivors”
Tina M. Whitehead
“Reaching the Babies Through the Mothers: The Effects of Prosecution on Pregnant Substance Abusers”
Mary E. Roper
“Sexual Orientation: Should It Affect Child Custody Rulings”
Courtney R. Baggett
“Jury Traumatization in High Profile Criminal Trials: A Case for Crisis Debriefing?”
Marjorie O. Dabbs
“Alternative Sentencing in Alabama”
Ann Ashton Holmes