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Volume 18

Table of Contents
Spring 1994, Volume 18
“A Social Science Perspective on the Law of Guardianship: Directions for Improving the Process and Practice”
Phillip B. Tor &
Bruce D. Sales
“On the Ability of Mental Health Professionals to ‘Predict Dangerousness’: A Commentary on Interpretations of the ‘Dangerousness’ Literature”
Randy K. Otto
“Statutory Changes and the Insanity Defense: Seeking the Perfect Insane Person”
George L. Blau &
Richard A. Pasewark
“Mental Health Services in Jails and Prisons: Legal, Clinical, and Policy Issues”
James R.P. Ogloff,
Ronald Roesch, &
Stephen D. Hart
“The Plight of Children Who Witness Woman Battering: Psychological Knowledge and Policy Implications”
Alan J. Tomkins,
Somaia Mohamed,
Michael Steinman,
Ruthann M. Macolini,
Mary K. Kenning &
Jan Afrank
“The Views of the Judiciary Regarding Life-Sustaining Medical Treatment Decisions”
Thomas L. Hafemeister &
Donna M. Robinson
“Forensic Issues in Sexual Abuse Allegations in Custody / Visitation Litigation”
Alan J. Klein
“The Health Effects of Jury Service”
Daniel W. Shuman,
Jean A. Hamilton &
Cynthia E. Daley
“Attitudes Toward Tort Reform, Scientific Jury Selection, and Juror Bias: Verdict Inclination in Criminal and Civil Trials”
Gary Moran,
Brian L. Cutler &
Anthony De Lisa
“Dixon: In the Absence of Political Will, Carry a Big Stick”
Melissa G. Warren &
Robert R. Moon
“Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy: How Should We Weigh Our Options?”
Marie M. Brady
“AIDS Discrimination in Employee Health Benefits: Is There a Federal Remedy for Modification of a Plan Once an Employee Develops AIDS?”
Tracy S. Guice
“Turning the Tables: Redefining Self-Defense Theory for Children Who Kill Abusive Parents”
Jennifer R. James
“Lifting the Veil of Secrecy: Mandatory Child Abuse Reporting Statutes May Encourage the Catholic Church to Report Priests Who Molest Children”
Lisa M. Smith
“The Reign of Terror: The Judiciary’s Inability to Stop Anti-Abortion Violence Forces Congress Back to the Drawing Board”
Christopher W. Tomlin
“The Trauma of Testifying in Court for Child Victims of Sexual Assault v. The Accused’s Right to Confrontation”
L. Christine Brannon