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Volume 19

Table of Contents
Spring 1995, Volume 19
“The Liability of Mentally Disabled Tort Defendants”
Harry J.F. Korrell
“Prosecuting Sex Crimes Against Children: Time for ‘Outrageous’ Proposals?”
Roger J.R. Levesque
“Obsessive Attachment and the Victimization of Children: Can Anti-Stalking Legislation Provide Protection?”
Joseph T. McCann
“Employment Discrimination in the Public Sector Based on Sexual Orientation: Conflicts Between Research Evidence and the Law”
Sharon G. Portwood
“Mandating Community Service: Psychological Implications of Requiring Prosocial Behavior”
Mark S. Sobus
The Rights and Responsibilities of People With HIV or AIDS
“Alabama’s Confidentiality Quagmire: Psychotherapists, AIDS, Mandatory Reporting, and Tarasoff”
James Paul Sizemore
“The Legal Ramifications in Criminal Law of Knowingly Transmitting AIDS”
Lori A. David
“Hypnotically Recalled Testimony: Issues Facing Courts in Their Determination of Its Admissibility in Civil Sexual Abuse Cases”
Elizabeth Colwick
“Questioning the Reliability of Children’s Testimony: An Examination of the Problematic Elements”
Angela R. Dunn
“Smoking in the Workplace: A Conflict Between Personal Rights and Economic Realities”
G. Robert Mitchell