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Volume 20

Table of Contents
Spring 1996, Volume 20
“An Opening Gambit in Teaching Juvenile Law: Creating Icons of Normative Family Structures”
William Wesley Patton
“Internet Resources for Law and Psychology: A Select List”
Marybeth Charters
“Jury Leniency in Drinking and Driving Cases: Has it Changed? 1958 Versus 1993”
Rebecca S. Bromley
“Who is Watching Big Brother When Big Brother is Watching Mental Health Professionals: A Call for the Evaluation of Mental Health Advocacy Programs”
Fernando J. Gutierrez
“The Importance of Establishing Competence in Cases Involving the Involuntary Administration of Psychotropic Medications”
Kathleen Knepper
“The Perceived Fairness of the Psychologist Trial Consultant: An Empirical Investigation”
Dennis P. Stolle
“Regulating Pornography on the Internet: Cyberporn Reignites First Amendment Battles”
Jennifer Q. Crews
“Students for Sale: The Regulation of Televised Commercial Advertising in Public Schools”
Christina Lee Dasinger
“Physician Assisted Suicide: The Abortion of the Nineties”
Brenton Kirk Morris
“Chain Gangs: A Proper Corrections Tool?”
Richard Lee Morris
“The Right to Say ‘I Do’: The Legality of Same-Sex Marriage”
Paul Royal
“Sex Offender Statutes: Society’s Need for Protection Versus an Individual’s Constitutional Rights”
Lee Ann S. Turner
“The Multiethnic Placement Act of 1994: Background, Purpose, Interpretations and Effects of Legislation Regarding Transracial Adoption”
Daphne Nell Wiggins
“The Movement for Inclusion: Teaching Acceptance Along with Alphabets”
Jennifer H. Wilkinson