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Volume 21

Table of Contents
Spring 1997, Volume 21
“Novel Scientific Evidence and Controversial Cases: A Social Psychological Examination”
John S. DeWitt
“The Guessing Game: Emotional Propensity Experts in the Criminal Courts”
Earl F. Martin
“The Justices and Psychological Research: But Is It Really Science?”
Landon Summers
“The Legal Implications and Emotional Consequences Of Sexually Abused Children Testifying as Victim-Witnesses”
Jessica L. Hamblen &
Murray Levine
“Viatical Settlements: A Healthy Alternative for the Terminally Ill”
Mona L. Flowers
“Tossed Salad: Diversity Considerations in Adoptions”
Melisa C. George
“The Quiet Battle: An Integration of Men and Women in State Military Academies”
DeLacie Caroline Hester
“Clinton’s Smoking Regulations: Fired Up or Nipped in the Bud?”
Allison J. Hornsby
“The Distortion of Criminal Trials Through Televised Proceedings”
Taffiny L. Smith
“The Eighth Amendment and Psychological Implications of Solitary Confinement”
Bryan B. Walton